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How To Make A Social Relationship A Real Relationship, with Amy Chorew

Social media is supposed to facilitate truly social interactions between real people – in other words, it’s supposed to build real relationships. Amy Chorew, my guest on this episode, says that if your use of social media is not facilitating a real social relationship with people, then you don’t understand the purpose of social media.

Amy is a former real estate agent now working with Better Home and Gardens Real Estate. Her role there is specifically aimed at helping real estate agents better use social media to foster social relationships, with the hope that those relationships lead to sales. You’ll enjoy hearing Amy’s enthusiasm and perspective, so be sure you listen to this episode.

How To Make A Social #Relationship A Real Relationship, w @AmyChorew Click To Tweet

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The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Dating Your Clients

Hey girl. That’s a niiiiiiice house. Who’s your Realtor?

Hang onNo, this isn’t an how-to on dating your client crush, so real estate courtiers: beware! Take your romantic interests elsewhere!

But wait!

Although you are not romantically dating your clients, the same investment of effort should be put into this professional, fiduciary relationship. Home-buying and selling tends to be a personal transaction – someone is choosing where they want to return to at the end of a long day, pour themselves a glass of whiskey (or wine!), relax, and unwind. Agents should constantly remind themselves of this as they engage in this business partnership. 

How to treat your real estate client like the special someone they are…

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Introducing Team Tools — Drive your team’s success

Optimize the way you manage

Even the best real estate teams run into growing pains. When working with other agents, it becomes more difficult to coordinate as a single unit. Miscommunications and a lack of transparency create a disjointed process that affects everyone from team members to their valuable clients and prospects.

Streamline your workload and close more revenue

Contactually’s new team tools are designed to help minimize the admin work and maximize closings. Admins and team leads can finally manage their teams without getting in their agents’ way. Automatically distribute valuable leads across the team, then track conversions from start to finish without having to constantly ask your agents for updates. Ensure everyone on the team is following up with and nurturing their leads. Gain insight into areas for improvement and increase overall close rates.

”With the addition of Contactually, agent productivity has increased 40%.” – David Conderman

Learn more about Contactually for teams…

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The 3 Deadly Mistakes that Real Estate Agents Make

Are you making one of these 3 deadly mistakes that cost you time, money, and clients? There’s a good chance you are, although don’t worry because making one (or more) of these mistakes may become the best thing you ever do (so long as you approach them properly).

You see, you become a success story, not in spite of your mistakes, but because of them. Mistakes teach you, help you grow, and ensure you stand out in a crowded marketplace. But they also have the power to cripple you (especially the three dangerous mistakes I’m about to share).

So, what’s the solution? That’s what I’m going to share with you, but first let me say:

Your Mistakes Help You Find Your “Right” Client…

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Automatically Capture and Follow Up with Facebook Leads in Contactually

In case you’re not familiar with Contactually yet, we created it because we saw the importance of building and maintaining authentic relationships in our business. Part of that means capturing the relationship at the very beginning. While Contactually does not help you with lead generation (other than leads you’re getting through your network), what we can do is help you build a relationship once you get that lead.

In an example of the power and flexibility of the Contactually platform, we’re going to show you how you can capture someone who clicks on one of your Facebook ads, drop them into Contactually, and immediately start following up with them.

To use that, we’re going to create a Facebook Lead Ad, and use Zapier to connect that to Contactually. If you’re not familiar with Zapier, think of it as the glue that helps to connect applications together.

Start following up with Facebook Leads…

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Generating More Email Leads for Your Real Estate Business

Email leads are arguably the most valuable tool you can use to foster client relationships. Obviously, an initial signup indicates that the lead is potentially interested in your services. In addition, the email address provided can also be used to foster long-term relationships through consistent marketing.

With that in mind, it’s extremely important for all entrepreneurs to continue growing and fostering their subscriber lists. We’ve outlined a few of the most effective ways to generate more email leads below.

Check them out to learn how to start growing your list today.     

5 Tips to more real estate leads:

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Introducing: The Contactually Referral Accelerator for RE/MAX

Think about how many marketing emails sitting in your inbox that you ignore or delete each day. Too many, right? So doesn’t it feel backward that many real estate agents and CRMs continue to rely on drip campaigns?

Engaging leads and your sphere takes personalized messages, not just pretty pictures and flashy subject lines. That’s why Contactually’s excited to announce the release of our Referral Accelerator plan for RE/MAX.

Learn more about the exclusive Referral Accelerator…

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