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The 6 Best Chrome Extensions for Real Estate Pros

We all love a good time saver, right? And Chrome extensions are often the be-all end-all when it comes to finding a quick hack during your daily internet browsing or time spent online for work. For those who may not quite be in the know, don’t worry, it’s nothing you can’t remedy in a quick three minutes!

Are you using Chrome as your browser? If so, then great, you’re on the right track. If not, go ahead and download it. It’s Google’s excellent Internet browser and probably one of your better options out there. As for the Chrome extensions, think of them as a free little widget that sits at the top of your browser and completely enhances your Internet browsing activities. Currently, my favorite extension is Honey, which finds discount codes for you and automatically tries them out when you go to check out from your online shopping spree. I’ve saved quite a bit of money through it…and that’s just one of the many, many extensions out there.

Now, as a real estate agent, your business may not quite benefit from the usage of Honey, but we’re sure that there are a few extensions that could in fact help your productivity and more throughout your day. Before you head to the Chrome Web Store and go wild with downloading every great extension, take a look through our list and use it to create your personalized, curated web-browsing experience!

Check out the 6 best chrome extensions for real estate professionals:

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[EBOOK] The Brokerage Recruiting Playbook

Over the course of several months, Contactually interviewed over 150 top-tier brokerages across the United States. The biggest takeaway from these interviews? Recruiting top agents and then retaining them in the brokerage is one of the top evergreen priorities at nearly every brokerage we spoke with.

As we found, there’s no easy or one-stop solution to solving this problem, rather it’s all about creating a more informed strategy based on yours and your brokerage’s needs. Exactly figuring out that strategy for recruiting can be the hardest part, and what may in fact be setting you back the most when it comes to actually finding and retaining the best agents. As we interviewed all of those brokers, a few themes began to emerge and our Recruiting Playbook was born.

graphs-01Our goal here wasn’t to provide that one-stop simple solution for each and every brokerage looking to recruit and retain better agents, instead we wanted to provide the strategies that allow you and your brokerage to discover the best way for achieving that ultimate goal of retaining the best agents for as long as possible. With an easy to follow progression, from identifying the strategy that’s best for you based on your priorities, to a worksheet you can fill out yourself to understand the metrics you need to measure your recruiting goals by, the playbook is sure to start you in the right direction of achieving that 2016 goal at the top of all brokers’ minds.

How to Recruit Real Estate Agents:

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A Real Estate Professional’s Guide to E-Signatures

Property sales might be the end goal of real estate, but it takes a lot of paperwork to get there – starting with the bids and contracts facilitated by real estate professionals.

Today, most of that paperwork is started in electronic form. Wouldn’t life be simpler and transactions happen quicker if those documents could just stay electronic throughout the signing process? That’s why e-signatures are becoming increasingly popular in the real estate industry: They allow buyers, sellers and all other parties involved to sign a document digitally and securely, saving time, money and resources.

Avoid the real estate paperwork with e-signatures…

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5 Steps to Upgrading Your Instagram to Business

Social media marketing is proving to be a major key to succeeding as a business today in 2016. Social media marketing itself is all about presenting quality and relevant content in a professional manner. And we’ve talked about how to make your brand Instafamous before and how that fame could be attainable for all of us, but now it’s time to take it a step further.

Since then, we have upgraded our own Instagram account to the new business profile. Our profile now features a contact button and a hyperlink to our headquarters’ address, which goes well beyond what a basic Instagram profile generally displays. Along with the new look, we now have a new set of Instagram’s native tools for assessing how exactly our posts are performing. The tools include statistics on posts and followers, as well as an easier way to promote posts. So how do you upgrade your profile?

Below are the five easy steps for getting your Instagram profile to business official and a few reasons why it may be beneficial for you and your marketing efforts. 

Upgrade Instagram to Business

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The Three Best Recipes for Your Next Open House

Daydreaming break: take a second, close your eyes, and think back to the best meal you’ve eaten recently. My sincere apologies if you haven’t had lunch yet.

Got it?

I’m willing to bet my favorite kitchen knife – a Masanobu VG-10 gyutou – that you remember more than just the food you ate. Likely, you also remember the occasion, the location, and the people you shared the meal with.

I’m now well into my twenty-fifth year conducting an in-depth longitudinal study on the connection between food and memory. Or, more accurately, I grew up in a large Italian family that loves food. But setting the methodology aside, I think it’s indisputable that food builds bonds, enhances memories, and accelerates relationships.

But why am I touting the power of food on the Contactually blog?

As a service professional, you win business when the right person thinks of you at the right time. I contend that food provides an underutilized opportunity to make that lasting impression with all of those right people.

The next time you prepare food for a function or your open house, print off cards with the recipe on one side and your contact information on the other, and leave them next to your dish! You never know – a hungry mind and a tasty dish could provide you with your next business opportunity from an inspired snacker. 

3 Recipes for your next open house:

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10 Email Habits that Annoy Your Customers

Editor’s Note: This post was originally written by Annie McMindes for the Sigstr blog. You can find it here. 

Think about all the emails you receive every day. How often do you notice something that is so irritating that you can’t even read on? What started out as a promising email exchange quickly spoiled, and the convo hit your Trash. It’s bad email etiquette we experience daily, but have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, you could be guilty of these email faux pas as well?

10 Annoying Email Habits:

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UPDATES: Contactually’s New Features Recap

If you’ve been living under a rock

Your time is of the essence — we get it. Whether you’re in a crunch, busy with work, family, the holidays you might have missed some of our new features.

We’re excited to announce we’ve got a bunch of new updates to help streamline the way you work, and make your overall Contactually experience that much better.

New features recap ahead…

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Three Ways to Boost Your Productivity at Work

Struggling with productivity at work? Is the soothing lull of procrastination too tempting to resist? You’ve probably tried and tested hundreds of productivity tips, from the Pomodoro method, to taking ten-minute naps, and while these might work well for the first week or so, you find yourself slipping back into bad old habits. Here’s three methods you may not have thought of, that you can add to your arsenal to boost your productivity at work.

How to Boost Productivity:

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