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3 Facebook Contacts Workarounds to Give You Control of Your Network

We’ve written a couple of posts recently on these changes to the LinkedIn and Facebook APIs (Found Here and Here). Both of have either closed their doors or have given access to a select few. We aren’t the only ones that have been affected, but we also want to make sure we have the proper solution for you. 

Facebook has recently “closed,” which means that almost no companies have access to the Facebook API. What this means for you is that you can no longer have Facebook information pulled into your favorite apps. Yet, there are workarounds to help you manage your Facebook relationships outside of Facebook. Today we’ll focus on putting your Facebook Friends List into a CSV format, which is versatile and nearly universally accessible by all applications.

3 Facebook Contacts Workarounds:

Apple Contacts, Friends List print screen, and Friends’ Birthdays calendar feed

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Announcing Contactually’s Newest Feature: Insights

Instantly assess your team’s Contactually usage.

Contactually helps you and your team stay top-of-mind with key business contacts, leads, and opportunities. But until recently, it was hard to tell if you were reaching people as often as you needed to. That is, until we introduced the RPA — our new and improved metric for determining how you’re engaging with your network. With the RPA, you can see how many of your relationships are strong, fading, or weak at a glance.

For the first time, you can quantitatively answer: “Do I know who my most important contacts are?  Have I contacted them recently enough?”  For us, the next step was to answer “How’s the rest of my team doing?” and “Are they getting better over time?”

Say hello to Contactually Insights

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Inside Contactually: Push vs. Pull, & Why Being Transparent Isn’t Enough

One of our core values, which we’ve practiced since the very beginning of Contactually, is transparency. With our internal team, advisor, investors, candidates, users — unless there is a specific reason not to share something, we let everyone have access to it.

We find that by opening everything up, good stuff always happens. Our investors — even potential investors — remark that they know more about our company than they do about their own. Hoo-rah transparency, right?

But, that’s not enough.

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How We’re Adapting to LinkedIn and Facebook’s API Shutdown

Facebook and LinkedIn just closed off their API to us… so now what?

Last week, I wrote about why many of the services you love to connect to Contactually — especially free social networks — have recently decided to prevent you from doing so. If you haven’t read it, the crux of it is that if you use Facebook or LinkedIn for business, you probably have important data locked up in increasingly closed, inaccessible services.

But hey, we didn’t get this far by being defeatists. So what can you do — and what is Contactually doing — to mitigate this problem and free your data?

As always, I’m glad you asked!

What is Contactually doing?

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The Compounding Interest on Business Relationships

I listened to a podcast, The Growth Show, from Hubspot about a month ago featuring Tomasz Tunguz. And he said something that really struck a cord with me:

“Content is one of the few forms of marketing that has a compounding return.”

I’ve never been the marketer that thinks content marketing is a shot in the arm nor have I ever written a piece of content that is a one and done disposable piece. I’ve always had the firm belief that majority of the content you create should have the ability to be repurposed and it should have the ability to continually show value into your own customers’ journey.

Compounding Return on Evergreen Content

Compounding Return on Evergreen Content

This idea of compounding interest or return isn’t something that is just reflected in content marketing or financial institutions, it’s actually reflected directly with your network.

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Closing Doors : The Trouble with Connecting to Facebook & LinkedIn

Why so many integrations are getting harder to support

Getting Contactually to integrate smoothly with the whole wide world of internet systems and services is one of the most satisfying (and most frustrating) parts of our job. After all, we’ve very intentionally designed the platform to be as open as possible — we want you to be able to use Contactually the way you want to, bringing in and sending out data through the platforms and applications that help you get the results you’re looking for.

facebook stopThis has never been easy, but so far, it’s also never really been impossible. Unfortunately, Contactually and many of the smaller services you love that are built on this philosophy are increasingly stuck trying to work with big companies that actively do not want to integrate with anything else. You’ve probably already noticed this trend over the last few years, as more and more inter-app connections that make a lot of sense, and “should” be possible (pulling friend data from Facebook, contact information from LinkedIn, etc.) either disappear from your favorite apps, or stop working properly like they used to.

So… why is this happening? read more…

How I Build Relationships: 5 Ways to Draw Connections Starting With French Fries

This is the second post in our newest series “How I Build Relationships.” We firmly believe great relationships power great businesses, but how do you build those great relationships? Here’s our take with influencers, Contactually users and employees, and others on how these individuals build relationships. Check out the first one from Zvi!

The first friend I ever made was on the first day of kindergarten. He asked me if I liked french fries. I of course replied: “Yes.”

Well, that’s a slight variation. He asked me if I owned McDonalds (My last name is MacDonald) and got free French Fries (side note: if this is not the basis for a great relationship, I don’t know what is). I of course, lied and said YES!

giphy (34)

We are still friends to this day.

Things have changed as the years have passed, but the foundation on how I formed that relationships has not. Although, I still have a love for french fries, I have since developed other tactics that build relationships.

Here are the 5 Ways on How I Build Relationships:

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Inside Contactually: Our Failed Experiment with Mixed Team Seating

In the 3.5 years since the company has started, we’ve had four offices. Our office prior to where we are now was a cluster of individual offices. As we grew and started putting more people into each office, the offices ended up getting separated by teams A couple rooms for sales, one room for engineering, one for marketing, etc.

In October of last year, we moved to an office space 4X the size of the previous.

And it is all open seating — a startup’s dream! Transparency, openness, freedom! There has recently been a backlash against the open seating movement, but we haven’t found that to be an issue.

However, as a company grows, there’s a nasty trend that can develop — silos between departments. As teams get bigger, each team member gets compartmentalized and doesn’t interact as much with other teams, leading to lack of transparency, no best practice sharing, misalignment, and in-office re-enactments of Jets v. Sharks.

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