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5 Elements You Need to Craft the Perfect LinkedIn Outreach Message

LinkedIn now has over 400 million users on the platform and that number is growing every year. We all use it frequently or we’ve used it at some point; however, now it’s turned into another effective communication outlet.

Whether you use the platform for building your professional network, recruiting for the open positions you have, or to find people that could use your helpful services, you will probably send a handful of cold outreaches in order to accomplish one of the tasks previously mentioned. How can you craft the perfect outreach that gets you a response every time? Keep in mind each response can be one step closer to your overall goal.

We’ve tested, researched, and compiled the best elements that will get you to your goal to crafting the best outreach on LinkedIn.

Here are 5 elements you need for crafting the perfect LinkedIn outreach message…

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5 Professionals Outside of Your Network to Get Referrals

We all know that keeping in touch with past clients is a great way to generate references for future clients, but have you considered what professionals outside of your network could do for you too? We’re talking going beyond your fellow realtors and agents. While they are an excellent source to reach out to, you have an even broader reach if you consider people outside of your immediate working industry.

Stats show that 72% of home buyers will interview only one real estate agent before they make a decision on who they will pick to sell their home. That means a good referral or recommendation from someone they trust can be enough to set them up for picking you as their agent right away.

So where do you start?

Beyond the importance of having an online presence in our very much online world, LinkedIn is one of the top ways for expanding your network, which is crucial in the real estate world. Start with the local professionals you have mutual connections with and go from there. But which of these professionals should you be reaching out to? Don’t worry, we’ve got the list to get you started…

The Best Professionals to Establish a Relationship with…

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Optimizing Your Time for a Productive Day [Backed by Science]

We all know how to save some time, and we’re sure you’ve implemented some of time-saving techniques recently, probably even today! But, the million dollar question is: are you really optimizing your time? You see, there is a distinct difference between the two and it’s incredibly important for those in the legal profession, who need to bill those hours they work for clients, productivity is key.

Saving time can be associated with running to make the early train this morning, but optimizing your time was reading through your inbox during the train ride and leaving you with one less menial task to get through when you got into the office.

So, have you been optimizing your time? Let’s find out…

4 Top Tips To Optimize Your Time Today:

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Using Your Online Presence to Engage With Your Clients

While we all love a good advertisement on the side of a city bus or on a park bench, it may not be the most effective of marketing strategies for your legal firm as we quickly move into the digital age. 10 years ago, survey respondents said that looking online was the last place they would try to find a lawyer. Well, guess what? The tables have turned and now it is one of the top places people will check out before they pick a lawyer is online…and that’s before most people will go to ask their family and friends.

Call it what you want, search-ability or Google-ability, but it’s time for you to optimize your web presence to make it easier for potential clients to find you as they extend their search online.

No, you won’t get it done in an afternoon, but we’ll help walk you through some of the best ways to start today and get your name out there. We promise, you’ll be getting more calls and client leads before you know it!

giphy (4)

5 Tips on Optimizing Your Online Presence:

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Special Announcement: Where We Go From Here, And Who We Go With

Contactually was founded in 2011 with a few initial beliefs. These have guided everything that we’ve done for the past four years. And today, I’m happy to come to you with some great news.
In the spirit of transparency, one of our core values, I want to open with sharing them.

The most successful businesses in the world will be built upon personal, authentic relationships with their clients and partners.

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The Realtor’s Guide to Marketing to Millennials

Ah, millennials; the bane of marketers’ existence. These fickle consumers are now approaching the stage in life where they’re considering purchasing homes, and marketing to millennials as a realtor is a whole new ball game. If you’re unsure where to even start with the process of selling to this up-and-coming generation of home buyers, we’ve got a quick guide to get you started.

Nielsen Demo Statistics About US Millennials Feb 2014

If you’re feeling a little confused here, millennials are considered the generation born from the early 1980’s into the early 2000’s and range in age from 18-36. The definition tends to vary across sources, but one thing everyone can agree on is that they’re a tough demographic to market to.

They’re a generation who spends much of their time online, grew up in the digital age, and are not easily swayed by the more traditional advertisements. According to Google, they’re finally emerging from their parents’ basements and very ready to buy their own homes. First time homebuyers make up about 33% of the market each year nationwide, and the majority of that percentage? They’re now millennials.

Top Marketing Tips for Focusing on Millennials:

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How to Make the Most of Your Business Relationships Today

We all know the bottom line here; you want to build your business and you want to maintain the business relationships you already have.

While this may seem like a daunting task for anyone to take on and remain a sane human being, we can assure you there are some tricks to it. It all begins and ends with data.  And no, it doesn’t require you to throw your business relationships out the window, if anything, your relationships with your customers and network can tell you more than you think. We’ve got the goods on how to make the most of your business relationships…today!

To jump right in, you can utilize your current contacts and network to mine for this precious data. First, begin by asking yourself a couple of key questions:

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With The Coming Market Shift, Referrals Are All The More Important

What is the #1 source of business for real estate? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not email marketing, social media, or door knocking.

… It’s referrals.

Why is this? If I receive an email newsletter, I may open it. But truthfully, given the number of emails I receive per day, I won’t. Likewise, I may see an agent’s posts on social media, but I’m probably going to quickly scroll past them as I skim past the deluge of updates scanning for items from my closer circle of friends. And an introduction via door knocking — well, the personal touch is nice, but that seems like a lot of time and energy spent for a pretty low percentage return.

Converting Relationships Into Referrals As A Realtor

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