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The Top 10 Marketing Blogs to Start Reading Today

Although it has been an internet trend for quite some time, recently businesses have started to utilize blogs to increase their brand recognition and become more engaged in the digital age. Blogs, used by companies both large and small, have several benefits such as driving traffic to your website, complementing social media goals, and establishing you or your company as a field expert so it should come as no surprise that 36% of Fortune 500 companies currently have an active blog.

Additionally, because blogs are easy to find, easy to read, and extremely informative, they are considered to be a reliable resource for consumers. In fact, 81% of US online consumers believe that blogs are a trusted source of information which is oftentimes why they will consult blogs and online communities prior to purchasing a product.

As a result, according to Social Media Examiner, 45% of marketers say blogging is the #1 most important piece of their content strategy. This means that there’s plenty of blogs out there to both read as a means of educating yourself on a topic (such as marketing) OR use as inspiration to start your very own blog.

So if you’re looking to educate yourself about SEO, increase your inbound traffic, or improve your business’s blog by diversifying your content, you should consider looking at marketing blogs for some tips and tricks.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best marketing blogs that have an abundance of resources from articles to webinars to help you achieve your various marketing goals. Read on to begin your journey to becoming a marketing expert!

Read on for the Top 10 Marketing Blogs:

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How To Build Truly Meaningful Connections, with Jon Levy

One of the things Jon Levy will tell you from his research into human interactions and deep connections is that the thing that influences most as individuals is the people we are surrounded by.

Jon has made it his business to learn all he can about the science and practical aspects of building meaningful connections – not just because it’s interesting to him but also because it’s a skill he wants to teach people so they can add true value to others.

You won’t want to miss this practical and powerful conversation.


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How to Send Email Newsletters People Will Actually Read

According to one study, users spend an average of 15 to 20 seconds on emails before deciding whether to continue reading it or not. This means you need to create captivating email newsletters if you want to increase the chances of your subscribers engaging with them.

If you’re a business planning to use email marketing to reach your audience, we’ve come up with some tips on how to make your newsletters standout from a sea of other emails that land in your subscribers’ inboxes on a daily basis.

6 Tips to sending better email newsletters:

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Building a Better Team at the Contactually Retreat 2017

So, it’s 2017. It’s been about 2 years since we raised our Series A. The company looks vastly different than it did then. We’ve hired an experienced executive team from successful companies like OPower, Netflix and AddThis. We have a strategic vision for growth. We are starting to understand who our customer is, and we feel confident that our Product team is rapidly evolving to serve the needs of these customers.

That being said, we have experienced a dramatic amount of change over the past 2 years. We said goodbye to colleagues. We welcomed new ones. We embraced real estate. We programmed in new languages. We released new services. We moved offices. Change was our only constant, and we have a team that rolled with the chaos.

So, how do we help our team with change? We communicate. A lot. Don’t get me wrong, we fail at communicating the right things at the right time in the right way all of the time. But the intention is there, with regular all-team meetings two times a week, a Contactually newsletter, a Wiki that documents our every breath and let’s not forget the ever ubiquitous Slack.

These forums make sure that Train A knows when Train B is coming and going, but they don’t always give meaningful time for our team to reflect, to engage with one another, and ultimately help shape Contactually.

This is why we retreat each year.

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The Best Real Estate Agent Tools

Being a real estate agent is challenging, and it’s especially hard when you aren’t aware of the tools that can help you. Trust us – there’s a ton out there that can help if you know where to look.  

As time goes on, more apps are created, websites are updated, and other tools are developed, so it’s important to keep up with the latest and greatest.

We’ve compiled a list of the best real estate tools from mobile apps to CRM services to help you do your job even better. Read ahead to start adding to your real estate tech toolbox and become the best equipped agent you can be.

Arm yourself with the best real estate agent tools:

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Three Must-Have Features for a Real Estate Agent CRM

Real estate agents who use a CRM are 26.2% more productive than agents who don’t use one. The solution: get a CRM, right? Wrong. Or to be less black and white about it, you’re only halfway to the answer. More specifically, you’ll need a) a CRM with features designed with real estate agents in mind, and b) a CRM that your employees will actually use.

A CRM that doesn’t really meet your needs is a cost. On the other hand, a CRM that optimizes your working practices, improves efficiency and helps your agents close more deals is an investment. If you’re smart about the CRM features you look for, your software can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Below are three features that can help you make that leap.

Read on for what real estate agents need from their CRM:

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[EBOOK] Your Handy Dandy How-To Instagram Guide

Wondering what the deal is with Instagram?

You’re not alone.

Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app that has taken social media by storm over the past 7 years since it’s initial release in 2010. Now at a community of 700 million active users, it allows users to like and share photos and videos, either privately with friends or publicly with fans/followers. Of those users, 59% use Instagram everyday and 35% visit the app several times a day (#wowza)!

Although it’s millennial demographic is skewed towards younger generations, with 55% of users falling in between ages 18 and 29, this platform has been steadily growing in popularity across all ages.

On the average day, over 80 million photos are shared via Instagram; its potential for vast outreach has not become an incredibly useful marketing tool for people and businesses all over the world, but a method of finding users with similar interests etc.; Instagram is used by nearly 48.8% of brands. With this app, distance isn’t a problem. Since anyone can join, the reach is endless – and now it’s your turn!

We’ve put together this e-book specifically to help small business owners capitalize on this extremely popular social media platform and use it for personal and professional marketing and branding.

Download your Instagram Guide below:

Instagram 101

70 Top Real Estate Agents Using Contactually

These successful agents use our real estate CRM to grow their businesses.

Contactually evaluated the most recent rankings of 2016 (“The Thousand”)* and highlighted over 60 top-ranked real estate agents using Contactually. According to REAL Trends, those on the list are “recognized as the top one half of one percent of more than 1.1 million licensed Realtors® nationwide.”

The agents below believe in the importance of building and maintaining strong and lasting relationships with their clients, and they are using technologies like ours to help them grow their businesses.

*In partnership with The Wall Street Journal, real estate industry resource REAL Trends has released rankings of top individuals and teams every year in a list called The Thousand. For the past 11 years, firms submit applications to represent the most qualified candidates, and REAL Trends ranks sales professionals in categories of average price, sales volume and transaction sides.

70 Top Real Estate Agents Using Contactually:

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