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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published by RISMedia, you can view it here. 

Building relationships through email

At Contactually, we believe that the most successful businesses in the world are built upon personal, authentic relationships with clients and partners. Since 2013, we have helped tens of thousands of users do just that—strengthen and grow their professional relationships. We have helped users send more than 60 million emails to their contacts using our automated reminder system and market-proven templates, resulting in an average increase of 42 percent in the growth of their businesses.

Our users organize their contacts into “buckets,” groupings of people who will be contacted at a similar frequency or have common traits. Real estate professionals will often categorize their leads into hot, warm, and cold lead buckets, each requiring a different contact cadence.

While the short-term goals of each of these leads may differ, they share one important commonality. As a real estate professional, you want each and every lead to positively think of you and enthusiastically mention you when a friend or family member even hints at a real estate need. This begs the question: What can real estate professionals do to increase the likelihood of this happening within their network?

To help answer this question, we analyzed the performance of emails sent by real estate professionals. We took a sample of over 150,000 emails sent to contacts categorized by the Contactually user as either a “Hot Lead,” “Warm Lead,” or “Cold Lead,” and evaluated performance based on whether the email was opened, responded to, or simply ignored. We further evaluated important, actionable elements, such as day of week, as well as time of day sent.

Read on for more details on the best time to send an email…

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Networking Tips to Get the Most out of In-Person Meetings

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published on Ray Access’ blog. You can see it here. 

We believe in the power of networking. For local marketing, face-to-face networking has provided us with a local web of clients and partners. These connections serve several business purposes. They’ve:

  • Created professional relationships that we continually nurture
  • Effectively spread word-of-mouth brand awareness for us
  • Delivered projects and referrals that directly add to our bottom line
  • Provided opportunities for us to give back to the business community

In short, networking is a valuable tool for increasing your local business. We [Ray Access] think so highly of networking that we’ve written about it before:

But There’s More to Say…

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Contactually Named in Swanepoel Power 200

Every year, Stefen Swanepoel’s firm names the top 200 leaders, movers, shakers, and all around trendsetters in the real estate industry. Past honorees have included leaders from, Zillow, Realogy and HomeServices of America. Swanepoel notes that countless debates, research and discussion goes into the final list of 200 and those that are chosen are picked because of what they’ve contributed to the real estate industry. “We aim to hold a mirror up to the industry, reflecting residential real estate back to itself by noting who wields the most power and influence (and in what order), whether by position, personal power, employee count, reputation and trajectory.” 

Beyond the Power 200

This year, in addition to their annual Power 200 list, Swanepoel created a few new supplemental lists alongside the Power 200 of folks that shouldn’t be left out or forgotten. These four lists are the 20 Under 40, the Trendsetters, the Social Influencers, and the Outside Powers. If you check out the Trendsetters list, you’ll find our very own CEO and Co-Founder Zvi Band right there at the top.

What it means to be a trendsetter

Swanepoel’s criteria for the trendsetters they named on the list were “innovators, dealmakers, and movers-and-shakers who made a noteworthy impact over the last year.” Zvi is in good company here and you’ll find everyone from Conor McCluskey, the Founder and CEO of BombBomb, to Amber Taufen, the Editor-in-Chief at Inman, and Chris Drayer, the founder of Revaluate on the list. All of these folks have found innovative ways to implement technology into the lives of real estate agents to make their day-to-day more productive, the lead process smoother, and their industry news up to date.

This is a major acknowledgment of the work we’ve been doing in the real estate industry and the exciting work we’ve got in the pipeline and as Zvi noted, “we are usually not very focused on awards here, but being included by Swanepoel is a great recognition for our team and customers. We are working towards an ambitious vision, and truly believe we are at the very beginning of our story.” 

Download the Power 200

Grab your copy of the Power 200 list and check out who’s on it. It’s a great source for getting to know the industry leaders and helpful in evaluating the trends and technology you should keep your eye on in 2017. Plus, it’s a super easy way to supplement your list of real estate influencers that you follow on Twitter or other social media. Don’t forget to give Zvi a shout on Twitter and congratulate him!

Be Yourself For Greater Relationships And Business Success with Dawn Doherty

You need to learn to be yourself. So do I. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of putting on a face that you think others want to see. We tend to think we have to be that way if we are going to appeal to people, but it’s not true. When we learn to be ourselves, great things happen. Really.

My guest today is Dawn Doherty, an executive coach and speaker who is laser-focused on helping you learn how to be your authentic self. She believes that when you are the you, you are created to be, you will experience breakthroughs like you’ve never experienced.

Find out more from Dawn and hear how she encourages that kind of personal breakthrough, on this episode of Real Relationships.

#BeYourself For Greater #Relationships And #BusinessSuccess with @DawnDCoach Click To Tweet

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[SLIDESHARE] The Importance of Lead Validation

Is Your Lead Generation Marketing a House of Sand?

Lead validation is the incredibly important process of separating online sales leads from other website conversions, by reviewing all form submissions and listening to recordings of phone inquiries generated by marketing campaigns (SEO, PPC, email, etc.).

If you aren’t validating leads — and the vast majority of companies and real estate agents are not — you are basing your marketing investment decisions and campaign testing on faulty data. By using faulty data, you are very likely overspending on underperforming campaigns, and “improving” them in ways that make them worse.

Because lead validation is so poorly understood, we created the in-depth presentation below, The Critical Importance of Lead Validation in Internet Marketing. We think it will help you set up your lead generation campaigns on a solid foundation, with the result being many more leads and a much higher quality of leads.

Check it out below:

Importance of Lead Validation Study by SEO service company, Straight North.

How to Reinvigorate a Past Relationship

The “Big Idea” behind relationship marketing is that staying engaged with key relationships puts you at a strategic advantage for your current business efforts and the task at hand. By consistently following up, keeping these relationships warm, and adding value, we are able to nurture new, repeat, and referral business opportunities.

One of the hardest parts of this, however, is that pesky little word consistently. As much as we try:

  • There are people who we forget about.
  • There are people who we worked with at one point, then moved on.
  • There are introductions we never followed up on, in-person meetings we never kept track of, etc…
  • Bottom line, there are people in our past network that we rediscover the importance of.

We all know that feeling – for whatever reason or another, you find yourself staring at a contact record for someone who you haven’t spoken to in two or three years. If only I had stayed in touch!

How to revive your past relationships:

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5 Strategies for an EPIC 2017

We all know that resolutions are nice in theory, but only 8% actually achieve it – in fact, within the first week, 25% have already given up! Why? Because we don’t fully grasp that we have to change our entire way of thinking to adapt to this new desired reality – which is incredibly challenging to do.

So why are we leaving the change we want to see in our business and our lives to something so ineffective?

Strategies will win in 2017.

read more…

The Best Networking Advice from 2016

Each year, we publish countless blog posts here on the Contactually blog full of advice, actionable tips and strategies for improving and implementing networking into your personal and professional life. By the end of the year, it’s easy to forget exactly what we wrote about back at the beginning of the year….but we do know there’s some great advice buried back there in January!

That’s why we put together this handy roundup of all the best advice and tips we shared throughout the year that could be helpful for everyone from the folks looking to build up their network for the first time to seasoned pros who may need to get back in touch with contacts in their network that they haven’t spoken to in a while. No matter what your networking experience is, it never hurts to get a little refresher, right? And if you’re looking for a little more, head directly to the original article and soak it all in!

Read on for the best networking advice of the year!

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