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How I Build Relationships: 5 Relationships That a CEO Needs

This is the first of our newest series “How I Build Relationships.” We firmly believe great relationships power great businesses, but how do you build those great relationships? Here’s our take with influencers, Contactually users and employees, and others on how these individuals build relationships. 

Zvi here. I’ll let you in on a secret. Everything Contactually builds and does is really just because I wanted a good relationship management platform for myself.

One of our developers apparently programmed a loophole letting everyone else in on this secret… Oh well, you’re welcome I guess.

Since you’re using a product that was built for, well, me — you might want to know what the CEO of a software business does to improve his relationships.

Who do I build relationships with? How do I build relationships? More importantly, how do I make these impactful relationships?

BONUS: I wrote an entire ebook on this that you should download — it’s free and I think you’ll find advice you can act on today.

Here are the 5 types of relationships that are most critical for a CEO as his company scales, and some points on how you can best leverage them:

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Nurture This Way: The Best Tactics for Nurture Campaigns

Did you know that over 79% of leads from marketing do not convert into sales? Or that over 65% of marketers have no established lead nurturing systems?

Did you also know that leads who are nurtured make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads?

All of these stats put some things in perspective, right?

As we’ve stressed the value of personalized relationships, these do not just come out of thin air. You have to build these relationships up and/or nurture them.

When leads aren’t ready to buy, they aren’t ready to buy. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink…but you can send them consistent messages that provide them with timely pieces of content that add value and relevancy to your product or service. This is where the nurture campaign comes in.

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The 7 Best Tactics For Personalizing Bulk Messages

Living in the digital world provides clear benefits from real-time communication to an all present connection. Sometimes those things may come across as negatives, but the general consensus is a positive one.

One stand out negative is that with these new capabilities of being present every minute of the day and the ability to communicate with anyone in seconds, is that this often create a sense of robotic, inauthentic, and automated communications. We can get the feeling that rather than communicating with another human, sometimes messages come across as a bulk email, sent to a huge list, without any personalization all from this faceless entity.

People no longer respond to robots, although I don’t think we’ve ever responded to robots in the first place. Come to think of it, all futuristic movies that I’ve seen, the robot has always been the villain.

giphy (23)


People are craving authenticity. After being inundated with messages every single hour of the day from different channels, individuals want to connect with someone on a down-to-earth, genuine basis.

But as someone with thousands of connections, how do you do this at scale? How do you personalize a bulk message, so it doesn’t seem like it’s coming from a robot behind a desk?

After looking at our own habits and a few of our experiences, we’ve come up with some best practices in personalizing your bulk messages.

Here are 7 simple techniques to personalize your bulk messages

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Helping Customers Succeed: My Two Years At Contactually

Hey Contactually Blog world! My name is Susan and I’m a Customer Success Manager here at Contactually. I recently celebrated my two year anniversary with Contactually, making me officially one of the oldest employees of the company — oh boy! Being such a wise sage at a fast-paced startup, I’ve decided to sum up my 2 years in 5 quick points that I’ve learned over the course of my time at Contactually.

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We completely redesigned the Buckets page — here’s what we came up with.

Faster, cleaner, and easier to use.

First, we added new bulk change controls. Then, we revamped the Contacts page. Today, we’re launching the newly redesigned Buckets page, which we think you’re going to love. Here’s what we’ve been working on.

Less visual junk.

Let’s start with the basics — the new Buckets page has the same simple, content-focused visual style we’re using on the Contacts page.

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10 Metrics to Measure Your Relationships [CHEAT SHEET]

When I was teaching a Digital Marketing course at General Assembly, one of the subjects we put a lot of focus on was metrics, KPIs, and goals. Being able to differentiate between the three was important, but most importantly, we stressed that they needed to measure their marketing activities in the first place for success.

Marketers aren’t alone in measuring the success of what they practice, in just about every function and vertical, there are metrics that professionals must use in order to identify positive (or negative) achievement. But it doesn’t stop at function and vertical, metrics must also be used in determining how your relationships are performing.

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Relationship Building With Influencers, Executives, and VIPs

One of the biggest barriers to overcome in great relationship management is the moment of terror.

giphy (14)

Know it? It happens right before you press that Send button. That fear that your message won’t be welcome. That your contact, instead of thinking positively of you, will press the Delete key on your entire existence. And your business will spiral out of control, leaving you to join the circus. OK, maybe a bit too far there.
And, for some reason, that fear is only exacerbated when dealing with an executive, influencer, or some other type of high-profile individual. We’ve spoken before about how to overcome that baseline reticence to engage, so today I’ll just provide you some guidance about how to approach improving your relationship with this particular group of people.
I want to respect your time, so if you just want to grab a tl;dr out of this, it’s they’re human too.
Let’s take a critical look at who these people are, starting with their differences and similarities with you and others.

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Contactually’s Newest Feature: Pupmail

Have you felt the anxiety that comes just before you hit the send button on an email? Or the writer’s block that you may face when you can’t just convey the right words when you are emailing someone? Do you sound like you’re just barking at someone in an email you just wrote?

Ok, maybe the barking isn’t so bad…

But what if you could transcend boring text on a page and really capture the essence of your message? What if your friend could peer into your eyes, see your soul, and understand the true intention of the email you sent? What if that email came from a cuddly, lovable, slobbery, furry creature that no one could refuse?

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