How do our top users email? [infographic]

How do our top users email? [infographic]

As Contactually is inherently a busy inbox’s match made in heaven, we’ve attracted some of the most seasoned and active emailers out on the World Wide Web. When you couple our power email users with our fervent passion for statistics and data, there was only one thing to do in our minds: create an awesome interactive infographic showcasing our top users’ email habits.

Now, for this, we polled 100 of top users, so it’s a relatively small sample size compared to our extensive statistics check-in from a few weeks ago which looked at our entire user base. There are a few key differences in the way people email when we extrapolate the people we polled. It’s power users versus the general populace. The former set do most of their emailing on Monday, while the skew toward Monday isn’t as strong when considering our entire set of users.

Do your email habits fall in line with Contactually’s power users? Let us know in the comments, and enjoy the infographic!


  1. Very impressive data!

  2. Good report.



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