A Contactually Podcast: Start a Blog with Two Things in Mind

A Contactually Podcast: Start a Blog with Two Things in Mind

Contactually’s marketing manager, Brian, recently recorded his first podcast with Book Yourself Solid coach Jeremy Jones. Jeremy is an online business coach that focuses on online marketing practices, and in particular how to turn your online blog into a profitable tool. He strongly believes that Contactually is a great tool to complement these vital efforts.

In the podcast, Brian and Jeremy cover how to:

  • Follow up systematically
  • Develop endless referrals
  • Use a simple CRM or contact manager
  • Develop strategic partners
  • Develop connecting points with Newsle and Google Alerts
  • Try Contactually for free
  • and much more!
Click here to listen to Jeremy and Brian’s podcast!
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Brian Pesin

Marketing Manager at Contactually
Brian Pesin is the Marketing Manager at Contactually, where he executes digital marketing strategies to grow, upsell, and onboard customers.

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