Welcome to Contactually 2.0

Welcome to Contactually 2.0

For the past 18 months, Contactually has automatically promoted people to follow up with their most important contacts, and those follow-ups led to more referrals and sales. Today, Contactually has evolved into a platform that’s all about delivering a great experience to the people you care about most.

Since the product’s conception back in October 2011, this is what we’ve been striving for: improving the value of relationships and going beyond the address book. We enable you to follow up across any channel and help you meaningfully interact with your network in seconds so that you can generate these valuable referrals in abundance.

Welcome to Contactually 2.0.

This new 2.0 experience consists of five major components designed to drive referrals to your doorstep:

1. Perform efficient introductions:

With just a few clicks, Contactually allows you send introductions to anyone in your network, allowing you to deliver a thoughtful introduction message through your own email.

introducing contacts2 1024x324 Welcome to Contactually 2.0

2. Share valuable content:

People generate referrals by being valuable to their contacts. With Contactually 2.0, you can store relevant articles and links and share them within seconds repeatedly with your network.

article sharing2 Welcome to Contactually 2.0

3. Save time with email templates

Users can create reusable email templates for their frequent business interactions. Thanks to the inclusion of dynamic fields, the templates will automatically populate key personal information such as name, job title and company, drastically reducing the time needed to follow up.

emai template 1024x634 Welcome to Contactually 2.0



4. Effectively manage your contacts:

With our new advanced search and segmentation functionality, you can identify and group your network in exactly the way your business objectives demand. Finally, there is a tool that allows you to act on your entire network in an easy and seamless way.

2.0 messaging Welcome to Contactually 2.0

5. Manage everyone on your phone:

How often do you think of reaching out to someone when you’re not at your desk? Contactually’s iPhone application allows you to deliver great experiences to your network no matter where you are. The app also allows you to log calls and import your phone contacts directly into Contactually.

Are you excited? We hope so! There’s a ton of new value that you can give to the people you keep in touch with right at your fingertips to help keep you top-of-mind and profitable.

iphone app Welcome to Contactually 2.0

If you’re an existing user, log in to your account and take a look! Interested professionals and teams can start their risk-free 30-day trial by visiting www.contactually.com today.



  1. Mickey

    The mobile app looks great, but not available for me yet — when will it be coming to Android?

    • Ousmane

      The Android app is next in the pipeline, and we’re aiming for a Q4 release.

      • Mickey

        Cool, thanks!

      • Rich Dietz

        I am really looking forward to the Android App.

        I am loving the new features and happy to see the product is still developing very nicely.

        Keep up the good work.


  2. Christine Davis

    Hi! Looking forward to the Android app!!

  3. Andrew

    All looks great!

    iPhone app can’t be found on the Australian store, is this for the US only?

    • Ousmane

      Hey Andrew! It should be live for all stores, but it just isn’t live in any store yet, I’m afraid. It’s stuck in the approval process.

      • Andrew


      • Anthony

        Now I’ll be checking the app store every 12 hours.

  4. Peggy

    Let me know when app works for iPhone can’t wait!

    • Ousmane

      Will do, Peggy! We’re on pins and needles waiting for this iPhone app, as well!

  5. Daniel Chohfi


  6. Nicole

    iPhone app :) ? FINALLY ! Love the content options-will have to add some things to the library that frequently I send out !

    • Ousmane

      Hey Nicole! Glad you’re enjoying the new additions. The iPhone app is literally sitting in the approval process. As soon as we know that it’s live, you’ll know :)

  7. Jeff Nailen

    Awesome. Keep up the great work you guys.

  8. Jeff Nailen

    Looking forward to the iPhone app to integrate phone calls. Sweet.

  9. Rob Smith

    Been wanting the call integration feature forever! So looking forward to having one place to keep a record of ALL digital (that includes mobile calls) communication with my clients. Can’t want for the iPhone app too!

  10. Helen Crozier

    Really looking forward to the iPhone app – the new web features are solid productivity improve ta – congratulations!

  11. James Shoemark

    Lovely surprise to see the added value in Contractually 2.0. I’m excited to give it a go.

    Hope you will consider a Windows mobile app as well…

  12. MaryBeth

    So this is different from what I am paying for every month and not an upgrade?

    • Ousmane

      Oh, no. This is an upgrade to Contactually. In your account you should see that that these features are now activated. There’s nothing you need to do except play around with the new features!

  13. Anonymous

    Apparently nobody is answering phones during business hours? The website says 10:30AM to 4:30PM EST, when you call the voicemail says 10:30AM to 6:00PM EST,

    • Ousmane

      Sorry you’re having issues. Not sure why you’re not getting the help you need. Could you email me at ouzy@contactually.com and I’ll see what I can do.


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