Announcing Pipelines: Deal Visualization Made Easy

Posted By on Dec 4, 2013 | 17 comments

After much anticipation and countless requests from Contactually users, we are very excited to announce the release of our new Pipelines feature!


Contactually Pipelines

This Pipeline shows various stages of a sales cycle for prospects.

Click here to watch our 50 second demo video to learn more about Pipelines.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 11.48.32 AMOur Pipelines tool allows you to visualize your deals from open to close according to your customized phases, and shows which deals may be falling through the cracks. By assigning values to deals, Contactually also aggregates the current value of your pipeline and shows which deals are won or lost.

Contactually PipelinesIn keeping with our core follow-up feature, Pipelines will show you if your deal is going cold by marking it visually. Multiple contacts can be assigned to each deal, which more accurately mimics the realities of large deals today.

Contactually Pipelines

Create multiple stages for each Pipeline and share it with your team.

We are especially excited about the ability to share deals and pipelines across your professional team. This will allow colleagues to better collaborate and see, at a cursory glance, which deals are in what phase and which deals need extra attention to successfully close.

Contactually PipelinesFor professionals with different products or services, Pipelines offers the ability to template and show multiple pipelines. This is very powerful across teams by showing pipelines for sales, business development, project management and more. Additionally, Pipelines can be broken down according to individuals on a team to allow a manager to better understand performance and provide assistance when needed.

Pipelines is available today to all trialing, Small Business and Enterprise users. Existing starter and Premium users that wish to use Pipelines can upgrade their accounts in their Plans Settings to use this powerful tool.

Interested in learning more and seeing Pipelines in action? Click here to watch our 50 second demo video.


    • Why only a feature for small business?
      Premium users are not included ! So we are no more premium?

      Looking forward to testing it as a premium user…


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      • Brian

        Hi Matthieu,

        You’re correct — in order to access the Pipelines feature, you’ll need to upgrade to the Small Business plan. Of course, we still very much value our Premium customers, but are only introducing any new and more robust features for our Small Business package.

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    • Hi. Will we be able to add customer to pipeline from contact, buckets or from gmail app? Can we use a program that will add a customer to pipeline when added to a bucket?

      Its counter intuitive to go into the pipeline program and then add a customer. I would need to add to pipeline in the same way I add to a bucket.


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      • Ousmane


        Right now, you can add a contact to a deal / pipeline from the contact’s page. We are going to roll up more ways to do so in the near future.

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  1. I appreciate adding additional features however, I can’t help but feel that this particular one is a bit redundant. I would appreciate more resources put towards ironing out the bugs that exist within the existing features.

    Additionally, expanding upon the existing features would be something my staff and I would appreciate much more. For example, it would be nice to be able to have “if this then that” type options within the programs as well as the ability to have a program repeat once a contact reaches the end of that program. Also, being able to share templates and programs within teams would be EXTREMELY helpful. I noticed that your new pipeline feature has that ability but your older features do not. :(

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    • Ousmane


      Thank you for your comment! We spent the month of October ironing out bugs, and you should be seeing improvements in the quality. We’re eager to fix anything that isn’t working, so just let us know and we’ll get right on it! :)

      As for the IFTTT functionality, that’s actually something we’ve been considering, and you might see something very soon :)

      And as for the sharing of templates within teams, that’s coming soon!

      Hope this helps.


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  2. Awesome. Just upgraded to the Small Business plan and looking forward to using it!

    Thanks to the Contactually team for listening to your customers’ feedback and improving your app rapidly!

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    • Ousmane


      Great to see your enthusiasm! Thanks for your support! :)

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  3. This is GREAT! I was just looking at all of the apps I use and the “pipeline” app I am using now is good, but a bit much for my needs. We are just a small 2-person biz and I am the app specialist and do all of the admin (with my assistants). I look forward to using this functionality.

    I do think it is a bit expensive (especially for a very small biz like mine); it’ll be a while before I can add my husband/biz partner to this app. $40/month each is a lot for us.

    Otherwise, I look forward to switching my pipeline to Contactually–especially since it links to our Highrise.

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  4. Well played Contactually, well played.

    Very helpful to us who naturally visualize this process already.

    Keep up the good fight.


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    • Ousmane

      Thank you! We plan on keeping this momentum going :)

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  5. Our company needs a few more fields for the pipeline feature to become valuable to us. For instance, the product manufacturer + product model + price = total (10 – 20 lines aggregated); the ability to report on the data by manufacturer, owner and close date.

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    • Ousmane

      Thanks for the note, David!. I’m going to note that as we improve and build upon the pipelines feature.

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