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Introducing: The Contactually Sphere Accelerator for KW

Think about how many marketing emails you ignore each day. Tons, right? So doesn’t it seem backward that many real estate agents and CRMs continue to rely on drip campaigns?

Engaging leads and your sphere takes personalized messages, not just pretty pictures. That’s why Contactually’s excited to announce the release of our Sphere Accelerator plan for Keller Williams.

Read on to learn more about this exclusive plan for KW….

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Relationships First Then The Business Will Follow, with Krisstina Wise

“Relationships First” sounds like a great mantra to live by – and most of us would probably say that we agree with it. But my guest today is a woman who’s truly proven how seriously she takes the idea. Krisstina Wise is a real estate mogul, coach, and creator of several multi-million dollar businesses and her forte in all of those things is the focus on people that makes the relationships she has real.

Some of those lead to business, some don’t – but Krisstina’s ideal is to be curious about the people, the life they live, and how she can contribute to the enrichment of their experience. It’s that kind of concern and care that sets her apart and makes her an ideal guest for this show. You’ll enjoy Krisstina’s enthusiasm and insights, so be sure you listen.

#Relationships First Then The Business Will Follow, with @KrisstinaWise Click To Tweet

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Managing and Maintaining My Contact List as a Freelancer

While most freelancers would love to simply wake up each day and have new work waiting for them, the reality is that half of a freelancer’s job is tracking down great well-paying clients that understand the value you’re providing.

Freelancers often face dry spells as well as times of great abundance, but the nature of freelancing is tough. It’s important to make the most out of each and every client relationship.

Luckily, there are several things you can do to facilitate this process and make your business relationships blossom.

Managing my contact list and freelance work:

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Pay Attention to Me: The Best Subject Lines

With the frequent emergence and growth of new, lucrative social media such as Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram (the #trifecta), combined with the existing ease of communications platforms like text-messaging, it tends to become more and more difficult to grasp the attention of the reader through old school email. One of the few existing grandfather media, where your inbox still remains private, your email gets flooded every day with Spam, work messages, subscription check-ins and other various, undulating updates.

Stewart Butterfield, CEO of real-time messaging platform Slack, suspects that about 80% of your email inbox is not coming from an actual person, and not even including Spam. “Here’s your Uber ride receipt, someone’s following you on Twitter, marketing newsletters,” and so forth, he said. Because of this, people usually skim down their inboxes, ignoring those emails that don’t seem relevant or interesting.

In fact, 21% of email recipients report email as Spam, even if they know it isn’t. You may be asking yourself: how do I get my emails to rise above the rest and get noticed?

Find the best subject lines infographic below…

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Top 3 Body Language Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

“Actions speak louder than words” is an expression that we’ve heard time and time again and it still has value today, especially in the workplace. Studies show that only 7 percent of the communication is actually based on what we say, while 38 percent of our communication comes from our tone of voice. However, body language accounts for the other 55 percent of our communication.

Body language is a key element of both personal and professional life, and is often the aspect of communication focused on the least. It can make or break a first impression, change a conversation, or even be linked to declining profits. Whether you’re slouched at your desk at work or looking around during a conversation with a friend, body language is a key indicator as to what an individual is thinking and feeling.

While it is important to focus on what we say and how we say, more people, especially those in client facing businesses, should learn about body language and the messages it sends. Read ahead to find out if you’re committing any of the common body language faux pas and suggestions on how to avoid them.

3 Body Language Mistakes…

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How I Manage My Contact List… Kinda

The most important part of networking is showing up. The second most important part is following up. I advocate for people to follow up with new contacts soon after they first meet, so each person is still fresh in each other’s minds. I talk a lot about the importance of following up on my blog at Following up well should help you keep your contact list organized but the truth is mine is a hot mess.

I have never been able to get into the habit of creating a single Gmail contact for each person I exchange emails with. The steps to add a contact in Gmail are a little clunky and end up taking too much time. And so I neglect keeping my contact list up to snuff. I used to stress about this but I found a solution you can use too.

Contact Management Solution…

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Understanding Who’s in Your Sphere of Influence

Did you see the title and scratch your head wondering what the heck a sphere of influence is…and if you have one? That’s okay, you’re certainly not alone and yes you definitely have one, even if you don’t realize it! If we’re going by the definition below (that’s the second bulleted one) then you can think of your sphere of influence as the folks in your network with whom your opinion holds some weight. This can be anyone from your peers, friends, co-workers and beyond, and once you identify this layer of your network, you can begin to improve your communication with them and engage in a more meaningful way with them.


Don’t think you’ve got a sphere or not sure why you should prioritize them? Think again, they might be hiding right in plain sight in your network and you’ll want to keep them top of mind because these are the people who are your biggest supporters, advocates and can often provide a boost to your business. We’ll help you to run through your network and better identify the very important SOI so you can best nurture them.

Who’s in my sphere of influence?

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How Gifts Of Appreciation Build Powerful Relationships with John Ruhlin.

Everybody talks a good talk when it comes to the value of relationships. But very few people actually invest in those relationships in ways that stand out and really matter.

My guest today is John Ruhlin, founder of The Ruhlin Group – a strategic appreciation and gift giving service that helps you create your own relationship action plan to consistently show your appreciation by giving gifts of appreciation.

You’re going to learn a lot about the practical steps it takes to give gifts that set you apart and deepen relationships, so do what you can to hear what John has to say on this episode.

How Gifts Of #Appreciation Build Powerful #Relationships, with John @Ruhlin Click To Tweet

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