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Attention Salesforce users… Contactually now has a Default BCC setting!

It may not sound sexy, but if you use Contactually with a traditional CRM like Salesforce, this is kind of a big deal.

It’s one of the most common use cases for Contactually — you rely on a big CRM (like Salesforce) for business and transaction data, but you’d rather do your day-to-day follow-up work in Contactually. It makes a lot of sense (hey, it’s what we do!), but it also means you need an easy to way to ensure that all of your emails with business relationships get synced into your big CRM.

Hey look, it’s Salesforce.

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3 Ways to Connect With Busy Entrepreneurs

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Matthew Turner from Turndog. Matthew is a brand storyteller, author, and successful networker. Contactually is a chapter partner of the book and to learn more and how you can benefit, Click here to grab your free digital bundle. Read on for his expertise on ways to connect with busy entrepreneurs.

While speaking to my buddy Jacob the other day, we discussed our list of shared friends, acquaintances, and peers. As we countered one another with various names, I realized I’d met many of these people through someone else. I know it’s a cliche to say it’s who you know rather then what you know, but to a large extent it’s true.

If you work for yourself like me, or you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or executive, you know the importance of relationships. It’s why we both share a common love for Contactually, a platform designed to help you build and nurture them.

Simply put, knowing people provides vast benefits: knowledge, introductions, work, opportunity, mentorship, ideas, etc…

So whoever you are and whatever it is you do, improving your connections should be high on your agenda, and as someone who’s interviewed 160+ inspiring individuals for my latest book, the power on the offer is great.

But you don’t need to write a book or produce a podcast to connect with busy individuals, merely possessing the willingness to meet them, help them, being thoughtful and interesting is vital. And although there are many reasons why you should forever network, there’s one that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest…

The Single Reason You Should Connect With Busy Entrepreneurs

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6 Strategies on the Best Time to Nurture Leads

Summer is a great time to develop your garden. Delicate seeds require a lot of attention to grow into strong flowers. Just like your garden, the best way to ensure successful sales is to nurture your leads.

Surprisingly, 80% of leads need 5 follow-up calls after the initial meeting to become a sale, but 44% of salespeople give up after only 1 follow-up, leaving a lot of room for improvement. Nurturing leads by making them feel important with a follow up improves the potential for present and future sales. Often a lead requires more than just a sales pitch to be convinced to buy or continue using a product.

Knowing the best time to follow up with leads can be a difficult skill to master. Through trial and error you can determine the best times to contact your leads. To help you get started, here are some techniques we found:

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Formulas For Your Business Relationships [CHEAT SHEET]

I think I’m recalling the right grade, but in 2nd grade I started diving into the multiplication arena. I felt on top of the world that I could multiply 7×7 and the other best part was that I could properly use the formula table before most of my peers could. I thought it was the best kept secret…until of course everyone else understood how to do it.

Sometimes figuring out the right question or formula is just as satisfying as solving the problem afterwards. Whether it’s googling a great question to knowing exactly what calculations to make, you’re on the path to determine what’s going on with your current situation. These are some of the main reasons we’ve developed a cheat sheet for this purposed called, Formulas For Your Business Relationships.

We’ve discussed at length that determining the success and impact of your relationships isn’t an easy task, but we’re here to help to make sure you know exactly what to do. These formulas are the right questions to ask, so that you are on the path to figuring out the answer that will help your business.

Maybe you won’t have the same top of the world feeling I felt knowing how to use a multiplication table, but this cheat sheet with formulas for your business relationships can help determine the success of your relationships.

Here are some of the questions we’ll answer in this cheat sheet: 

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Modern Selling in 2015: Nurturing Leads in the Digital Era

As a society, we have achieved many amazing things through innovation and technology. Our world is more interconnected than ever before. You would think that limitless connection would allow the sales process to become as streamlined and stress-free as possible, yet studies show that the sales cycle is longer than ever.

How do you reach the ever-hesitant customer of the digital age? And how do you effectively market to them, and start nurturing leads as they come in? In our infographic below, you’ll discover the building blocks for the blueprint of sales in this modern world…

[INFOGRAPHIC] Modern Selling in 2015: Nurturing Leads in the Digital Era

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5 Ways to Achieve Inbox Zero without Negatively Impacting Your Relationships

There is nothing as panic-inducing as seeing 1057 unread emails in your inbox. The idea of having that much to go through is enough to make you want to never open your email again. With today’s influx of messages and constant contact it is easy to have an inbox overburdened with unread and unwanted mail.

Much like your body and the latest juice cleanse, you can also benefit from an email cleanse. And no, I am not implying you should pour juice on your computer, but rather bring your email to inbox zero.



It’s easy to start using email as a way to keep track of daily tasks like a checklist or a calendar, but this leads to inbox clutter. Instead of accumulating a mess of email, inbox zero keeps your inbox current and relevant. Simply put, the method recommends deleting nonessential emails in your inbox, leaving only the bare minimum of emails to be saved.

Merlin Mann originally created the idea of “inbox zero” to remind people that email is a communication medium. He compared email to a tube: emails come in and go back out. To combat the high volume of email these days…

Here are 5 tips on how to get down to inbox zero:

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Inside Contactually: OKRs Didn’t Work for Us

OKRs, or Objectives and Key Results, is the hottest thing in startup culture nowadays, even hotter than in-office Makerbots and kombucha fountains.

Well, I have to be honest — we decided this quarter to abandon OKRs.

I’ll let you read up elsewhere on OKRs (actually, watch Rick Klau’s awesome video, it’s really all you need), but essentially, it’s a framework for assembling and disseminating plans for a quarter. It works at the company, team, and individual level.

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3 Facebook Contacts Workarounds to Give You Control of Your Network

We’ve written a couple of posts recently on these changes to the LinkedIn and Facebook APIs (Found Here and Here). Both of have either closed their doors or have given access to a select few. We aren’t the only ones that have been affected, but we also want to make sure we have the proper solution for you. 

Facebook has recently “closed,” which means that almost no companies have access to the Facebook API. What this means for you is that you can no longer have Facebook information pulled into your favorite apps. Yet, there are workarounds to help you manage your Facebook relationships outside of Facebook. Today we’ll focus on putting your Facebook Friends List into a CSV format, which is versatile and nearly universally accessible by all applications.

3 Facebook Contacts Workarounds:

Apple Contacts, Friends List print screen, and Friends’ Birthdays calendar feed

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