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It happens to all of us in every aspect of life- we know we should do something but we choose not to. Right?  We know we should exercise more and eat healthier. We know we should reach out to that old friend.  We know we should vote.  We know we should make the time to volunteer and give back.  But we don’t. Instead, we focus our energies on creative rationalization and procrastination.

We do it in our professional lives, too. There are things we know we should do but find reasons not to.  Don’t agree?  Not you? Maybe not. Let’s put it to the test.

Ready to better your business?

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Get Out The Vote with Contactually

Unless you’ve been under a well-padded rock with no wifi… you know that we have a major presidential election coming up on November 8th.

We all know how important it is for everyone to have a say in who leads this country, as well as who represents you on a regional, state, and national level. Yet, only 55% of eligible voters voted in 2012.

As civic-minded professionals (we are in DC, after all!), we asked ourselves the same question that many others have – what can we do about it? And we realized, not only do we work with thousands of eligible voters, but they have tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of eligible voters within their networks!

Take Action with Contactually

So I’m here to tell you that Contactually is taking action, and inviting you and your networks to get out the vote this election season.

We have the ability – a civic duty – as connectors to drive  action, and encourage our contacts to vote. Not to mention vote ourselves!

In order to assist you with this, we’ve provided an informative voting email template in our free template library that you can send out to your sphere, either 1-1, or to many contacts at once using our Scalemail tool. Think of it as a valuable experience – you’ll be sharing with them one of the most important messages possible: you care about the voting process and you’re providing resources to help them vote and get the word out!

Click here to grab our email template from the template library!

By the way, if you’re not a Contactually customer yet, please try it out for a couple weeks at no charge and take advantage of the templates within your network!

Rock the vote!

Note: We at Contactually make no endorsement of any political cause, party, or candidate – that’s not our business. But we do believe in participating in our democratic processes.  As you’re encouraging your sphere to vote and educating them about voter registration requirements and deadlines, I recommend you do the same and remain neutral – how we vote as private citizens differs from our civic duty as professionals. The goal is to encourage and educate as many voters as possible to participate, not engage in a political debate!

[HOW TO] Using Contactually for Recruiting the Best Hires

You may have noticed that developing relationships are pretty important to us here at Contactually, and we believe that developing relationships can be crucial for all different types of businesses. Most of the time we’re teaching you how to get referrals to people who are potential clients of yours using your network. This time I’ll be taking you step by step through how to get referrals of a different kind: recruitment referrals.

Recruiting is core to any business. You can’t do amazing work for your clients without having amazing people to do it. If you’re a lawyer, you need to hire great paralegals. If you’re a real estate broker you need agents to sell properties.

In the world of recruiting, referrals reign. If you need some convincing check out this infographic created by Jobvite, a respected applicant tracking technology company. The stat that jumps out to me; 40% of referred candidates are hired, yet referrals only make up 7% of total applications. As a business owner, the relationships of your employees are an asset that can lead you to hiring great people. Those you hire through referrals will cost you less money to hire, will be better quality candidates, and they’ll stay at your company for longer. When you add all that in the mix, investing in relationships is a no brainer for this side of your business as well.

3 Steps to start recruiting with Contactually:

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Going Beyond Real Estate Listings with Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great tool for real estate agents, but like with most social media marketing, there is a learning curve. Many Realtors make the mistake of thinking they can create an account, pin their listings and rake in the business. But making Pinterest work for you and your real estate business requires far more than pinning house listings – in fact, the best results from Pinterest come when listings are your last priority. Don’t worry, getting business is obviously a major concern. But the hard sell will get you nowhere on Pinterest.

Social media is about recognition, about building your brand and relationships with others. Far too many real estate agents see social media as a place to dump their listings and nothing more. The best social media marketers found out long ago, you don’t sell on social media. You build relationships with people. You show off your expertise in your field. This is what builds your business NOT dumping your listings!

6 Tips for Using Pinterest for Real Estate:

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Am I Doing This Right? 5 Social Media Best Practices for Your Business

So, you’ve signed up for Twitter, or Instagram, or even Snapchat, and you’re staring at your phone or your computer screen wondering what the heck you’re supposed to do next or how you should utilize each platform…especially when it comes to your business. We’re here to tell you, when it comes to social media and figuring out the best practices, the etiquette, and the best way to utilize it for business marketing, you’re not alone in feeling confused or bewildered.

The world of social media has become a wild one and figuring out where you fit in on each platform can be a daunting task…that might even turn you off from using it all together. But before you go running away from even trying your hand at it, we’ve got a few best practices you should follow to keep you on track, especially if you’ll be utilizing social media for your business.

4 Social Media Best Practices:

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Feature Update: Powerful Search With Custom Fields

As your network grows…

Your real estate business is rapidly growing. You’re meeting new clients, gaining more referrals and generating new business like never before. With a growing book of business you’re more likely to overlook some of your most valuable connections. It becomes increasingly difficult to sift through your database to find just the right ones at the right moment.

Contactually’s custom field search allows you to instantly filter through your database to find the right person or population. Quickly cover all areas of your growing database and ensure you don’t overlook anyone vital to your real estate business.



Easily identify important relationships

Remember the Ravens fans you met at the 123 Sesame Street open house? They mentioned they’d be ready to purchase within the next month, but you can’t remember their name. Use the notes you took on their football preferences to find them within your contacts and help them buy their next home.


It’s now easy to identify key relationships, then follow up in order to stay connected and grow your long-lasting connections. Add any custom field to the search facet and begin filtering immediately. Cover more ground faster searching through the specific custom fields that mean more to your business and the way you operate.

Complex search made easy

To narrow down your target audience, it sometimes takes a little more than a quick search. Couple as many parameters as you want in order to find the niche in your database that you’d like to message or update. From buckets and tags, to phone numbers and zip codes add more search criteria to quickly define your audience.

complex search

If things get too complicated, easily clear all of the search terms, or clear them one-by-one to broaden your population. The sleek new interface let’s you know exactly who you’re searching for, so you or your contacts never ‘get lost’ in your growing database.


Look out for more to come

Our new, powerful search tools allow agents to identify, follow up, and close more deals than ever before. With custom field search, you’ll be able to build an audience based on criteria specific to your real estate business and the way you operate.

This is something we’ve heard time and again, and we’re proud to move forward with updates that directly impact the voice of our users. We’re always looking to improve our experience and we’d love to hear your feedback — submit ideas directly to our ideas forum.

6 Ways to Generate Leads Without Picking Up the Phone

If you’ve ever worked in sales, you probably had to cold call prospects. And if you have ever had to cold call your prospects, you probably hated it.

Those of us in sales are constantly looking for ways to work smarter instead of harder. With new technology emerging daily and a strategic focus on inbound techniques, outbound efforts have the potential to be reduced significantly without compromising growth or revenue. Can you imagine only having hot leads?

Making dials down a random list of cold prospects can often be a massive waste of time. Ask any sales manager what type of leads they would prefer their team work with, and they will say inbound every single time. Ask any real estate professional the types of leads they would prefer and they will tell you “referrals.”  The quality of a lead matters. Every minute in a salesperson’s workday matters. Being mindful of where leads are coming from is the new form of smart outreach.

With a strategic plan and a focus on relationships, inbound leads will be your entire dial list. Effective inbound marketing tactics create an influx of leads without requiring the outbound outreach that every sales person dreads.

6 Ways to get better leads and avoid cold calling:

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Top 10 Real Estate Influencers to Follow on Instagram Now

For those real estate agents looking to expand their following on Instagram, your best first step may be to go check out the pros and see what they post and how they run their account. There are 300 million daily active Instagram users and if you search #RealEstate on Instagram, you’ll find over 4 million posts tagged with it, meaning there are plenty of folks out there utilizing Instagram for their real estate needs. It’s a great outlet to share both your business and your life with your network of real estate agents, as well as with your clients and potential clients.

So what’s the next step? If you’re not already on Instagram, then check out our quick start guide here to getting signed in and setting up your profile. Once you’ve got that all done, you’ve got to build up both your followers and your following. Start by amping up who you’re following and the rest will come from there. Give our list a try and watch as your Instagram feed is immediately enhanced…

Follow these influencers on Instagram for real estate:

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