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[EBOOK] The 5×5 Guide: 20 Five Minute Tips

There are plenty times throughout the week where we’re wishing there were more hours in the day. Sometimes it feels like we just don’t have enough time to get through everything on our plate at work…let alone keep up with friends, family, oh and sleep at night! How can we remedy this?

giphy (33)

Unfortunately we can’t gift you more time, even though we wish we could, but we can share some of our favorite hacks with you to get through the day in a more productive way.

How to boost your network in 5 minutes…

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7 Influencers on How to Get More Referrals in 2016

To all the skeptics out there who believe that the internet and online marketing have killed off the need for person-to-person contact, you’re in for a rude awakening. The big ol’ world wide web has created some great new and exciting ways to market yourself or your business, but it doesn’t mean you must abandon all personalization.

Think about the last great experience you had with a business, would you refer them to a friend or colleague? Or did you? Referrals can be a crucial piece of the puzzle for a business, yet they’re a hard and sometimes awkward thing to request from your clients or customers.

We turned to some of our Contactually influencers and partners to see how they plan on gaining referrals in 2016 and they offered up their ideas, plans, and advice so that we can take a page out of their books this year.

How the pros get their referrals…

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Your Email Newsletter is Worthless for Generating Leads

Was that a little harsh? Okay, we’ll back it up a little bit. There is a time and a place for your email newsletter or big marketing email to be successful, but when you’re trying to generate qualified leads, this is not the place. Newsletters certainly serve a purpose and when they’re done well, it can create some of the best emails we’ve ever seen. But, their purpose is not best served for lead generation.


Here at Contactually, we’re a firm believer in the art of personal engagement, especially when it comes to generating your leads. And sending out an email newsletter in bulk is no way to get up close and personal with your contacts. While you may get your contacts to open up the email and possibly engage with the content you share, how many of them reach out to you and become a lead?

Here’s how to do it better:

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Our Top 16 Blog Posts of 2015

To look ahead to creating an epic 2016, we must look behind us and see what we did well in 2015. To end the first week of 2016, we’re going to round up our most popular 16 blog posts of the past year. These were the posts that our readers consistently came back to throughout the year, the posts that were most shared on social media, and the posts that were well…epic.


What was the trend? Looks like everyone wanted hacks, tips, and tricks…and quickly too. Some of our most popular posts were the ones that promised results in at least 5 minutes. Another popular trend were subject lines and organizing your contacts

Read on for the best of the best…

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Real Estate Statistics for 2016

Every new year, we take it upon ourselves to publish a list of real estate stats and figures that we think…no, we know, that realtors will find handy in the coming year.

Since the winter tends to be a quiet time for the real estate sector, it’s a great time to take a look over the statistics and brainstorm some ways that you can utilize them to your advantage in 2016.

We gleaned our statistics from a variety of sources, from Inman (Inman), NAR, Trulia, and Placeter and it sure looks like technology rules all when it comes to real estate in 2016. But it doesn’t mean that you should pack up your bags and stop reaching out personally to your potential clients, you just need to find another outlet to do so.

We’ve now entered the era of social media. And in this era, where 72% of all online adults are active on Facebook, it’s time for you as a realtor, to get active on Facebook too! Are these numbers convincing enough for you to turn more towards technology for your business?

And the numbers say..

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16 Ways to Be Productive in 2016

2015 flew by and it’s crazy to think that 2016 has started. Since most of us probably felt how fast 2015 flew by, we cannot waste time in 2016, especially at the beginning.

Resolutions and setting goals are important, but staying productive is at the top of most of our minds in order to achieve these resolutions and goals successfully. It’s clear that productivity and to “be productive” is a trending topic right now, so how do we all maintain this stride for the rest of 2016?

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.34.57 PM

There are many lists for ways to be more productive and we’ve found many to be helpful. However, here’s our list of the top 16 ways to stay productive throughout all of 2016.

Check Out These 16 Tips to Be Productive in 2016:

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Get to Know Your Network in 5 Minutes

Have you heard the saying “you’re judged by the company you keep?” The same could be said for your network of business and personal connections.

But this goes well beyond how you’re perceived, because we all know that your network of relationships can make or break your business. Plus, you’ll want to start the new year off with a good idea of who’s in your network and how you can best work with them in 2016.

When you’re hunting for referrals, some new leads, or in need of references from other professionals, who do you turn to? It’s well worth getting to know your network, so when those situations come up, you’ll know exactly who to give a call and you won’t be left scrambling through your contact database.

Before you spend your entire day making lists of who’s who in your network, we’ve got some quick 5 minute tips to help you better get to know your connections, without all the hassle.

Know your network in 5 minutes…or less

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