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Why We Have an Annual Company Retreat

This year, Contactually trekked to Winchester, Virginia for our annual company retreat. It’s a tradition that’s been passed down since the first formative year of the company and something that continues to remain an important part of our company culture, even as we grow exponentially and the logistics become a bit difficult.

Our CEO, Zvi, handed me the reins as our new Operations Manager and let me go ahead with the planning. He gave me a few stipulations, and a little background and that was that. Retreat 2016 was a sweeping success, one of the best yet or so everyone told me, and it turns out that a couple days away from our desks can do a lot for team bonding and company morale.

An inside look at the 2016 Contactually company retreat….

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How to Export Linkedin Contacts Out of Linkedin

With LinkedIn and Facebook shutting down their API, many software solutions haven’t been able to fully sync data from LinkedIn and Facebook. In relation to your network, we understand your contact base goes beyond your email, which is why the API shutdown affected the update of your contact database.

Although, we’ve felt the effects of the API shutdown and gone through some alternative solutions to get our users the data they need, in this blog post we found a very easy way to get your contacts out of LinkedIn.

There are some workarounds to get your contact information from your friends on Facebook, but your professional network — LinkedIn — how do you get the contact information out that network? This process is a little easier than Facebook, but it’s more controlled by LinkedIn.

Check out below how to export LinkedIn contacts out of LinkedIn…

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5 Email Templates to Recruit Top Real Estate Agents

Brokers, we’ve got something for you.

Back in late winter, Contactually spoke with 120 top-tier brokers to learn what their priorities were for 2016. No surprise, 96% of them told us that recruiting was one of their top two priorities.


Of that 96%, an overwhelming majority identified recruiting as an evergreen focus – in other words, a topic they were constantly dedicating time to, regardless of the age of the brokerage or time of year.

Why is this the case? Apart from the annual agent turnover rate, which necessitates near-constant recruiting in order to have a full roster, recruiting serves as a focal point because it’s one of two principal levers for growing the business. (The other, in case you’re curious, is to improve the productivity of existing agents.)

How can you send the right messages to keep recruiting real estate agents that you want to attract?

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Sparking Joy: Spring Cleaning in Your Contact Database

It’s not much of a secret that there’s a select few of us here at Contactually that love the KonMari Method of ‘tidying up’ and do our best to implement it into our lives and homes.

For those of you not in the know, the KonMari Method was coined by Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizer who’s debut book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Uptook the world by storm with her simple yet effective decluttering methodology. The key to it all? Whether or not the item ‘sparks joy.’

Kondo recently released Spark Joya companion to her first book, that guides you through the decluttering, tidying, and organizing process as you move throughout your home and to different items in your home….down to how to fold particular items of clothing and where to place them in your drawers.

So where does that leave us? Sure, the KonMari Method is pretty easy to apply to your closet and that box full of paperwork you haven’t touched in three years. But can you make it work for you and the items in your life that can’t quite so easily be folded up and placed in a drawer?

Perhaps like your contact list or your network? This year, don’t limit your spring cleaning just to your home, try it out on your address book as well…it may make a huge difference in your networking and segmenting in the coming year!

Read on to organize contacts in your list…

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Saturday Stat: Where Real Estate Agents’ Business Comes From

Between October to December 2015, Contactually interviewed over 120 brokerage owners and senior leaders at the leading brokerages in the US and in Canada. We wanted to understand their business priorities and how they planned on supporting their agents through the upcoming year.

You can download the report here, but we want to dive into one of the findings this Saturday that isn’t only relevant to brokerages, but more importantly for real estate agents.

According to our interviews, we found that at least 65% of a typical real estate agent’s business comes from their existing network. This is broken down into two parts: 35% comes from a client referrals and 30% comes from repeat business.

Read on to find out where real estate agents’ business comes from…

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Network for the Busy Season

As the weather warms up and people get past their giveaway piles after massive spring cleaning marathons, they turn to making big decisions like buying a new home or making a move. Spring fever sets in, and all of a sudden, your busy season has arrived. Are you prepared for it? There’s a dramatic spike in people looking for new homes in the spring and summer months, the best thing you can do is take advantage of that spike.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.53.21 AM

Prepping your network for the spring and summer busy season goes well beyond making sure you have your listings published and your ads plastered on your favorite bus stop benches. You’ll need to be ready to assess your contacts, network, and leads that you’ve been keeping warm all winter (right?) and take advantage of all that spring fever and move them into that crucial buying stage!

Read on to start prepping for the real estate busy season…

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Contactually’s API v2: Easier Development and Integration

Last week we introduced The Contactually Marketplace — a freshly designed and formatted directory of every integration built on top of Contactually’s framework. It allows you to quickly access to all the tools needed to leverage your network and build authentic relationships that make a meaningful, fruitful impact on your business.

For anyone who’s already listed on our marketplace, or wants to build an app that plays nicely with Contactually, we’re pleased to announce our all-new API v2. This API is developer-friendly and well documented, with sample code in four popular programming languages.

Introducing Contactually’s API v2…

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The Psychology in Using Gifs, Memes, and Emojis in Your Emails

If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet or used your mobile device recently, you’ve probably noticed a few trends in the form of emojis, memes, and gifs. As they multiply and proliferate across every screen, website, and even into your own correspondence, we’re faced with the predicament of if and when to utilize them in business situations. Is there an appropriate way to implement a gif when you email your boss or a new client? How about emojis? It feels like you can’t send or receive an text message these days without expressing your emotions with several emojis.

First, if you’re feeling completely lost, don’t worry we’ll break down the differences of all the Internet trends for you. Then we’ll prove that there’s some psychology to it all, and why utilizing an emoji or meme may be a great choice for the next business email you send out.

Get gif-ing…

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