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Providing A Gathering Place For Powerful Community Building with Chris Schembra

The deep South where Chris Schembra is from once had massive oak trees in a central part of each town. They were the gathering places, the locations where people would come together to learn news from the outside world, to share their experiences, to receive the help and advice they needed. In other parts of the world, the gathering place may have been a coffee shop, church, or local tavern.

In the modern world true gathering places of that kind are becoming fewer and fewer, but Chris Schembra wants to change that. On this episode of Real Relationships, you can learn how Chris has developed The 747 Club in an attempt to bring people together for the sake of building relationships that serve the greater good. It’s an amazing concept and you’ll enjoy hearing Chris’s vision and enthusiasm – and how it translates into business.

Providing A #GatheringPlace For Powerful #CommunityBuilding with Click To Tweet

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Personalization: The Key to Success in B2C Communications

Marketers are increasingly investing in personalization. Personalization is a marketing strategy in which companies leverage data analysis and digital technology to deliver individualized messages and product offerings to current or prospective customers. This also implies that marketers anticipate consumers’ needs.

The main key to success when it comes to personalization is understanding your leads’ preferences. I personally believe that the Janrain 2013 study on “Online Consumers Fed Up With Irrelevant Content on Favorite Websites” is still relevant today. In the study, they showed that 74% of leads become frustrated when they see content that has nothing to do with their interests. Knowing consumers’ preferences and tastes is essential to avoid frustration.

3 Tips for personalizing your communications:

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7 Tips to Writing a Better Follow-Up Email

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on the Sigstr Blog and can be found here. 

Writing a follow up email is hard. You’re working to snag the attention of a prospect who has an inbox full of droning provocations and unsolicited gloom, laden with demanding sales folks prodding them to take action they’d, more often than not, rather skip. Emails with real value tend to slip through the cracks.

The “Delete” response on cold emails is so fast today. An average buyer gets somewhere around +100 emails a day, but only opens 23 percent of them, according to a study by Tellwise. Moreover, that buyer is only clicking on 2 percent of them. But, according to SiriusDecisions, the average sales person only makes two attempts to reach a prospect.

And I get it. You don’t want to be a pain in the keister. We all want to avoid being annoying at the risk of having to face rejection. But it’s our job to make sure we’re aligned with what our prospects want and need. The trick is to make your follow up email creative and useful so it doesn’t feel like a follow up.

Here’s your 7 tips for the best follow up email:

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In case you missed it — Contactually’s new feature recap

You may have been busy with family and friends. You could be last minute holiday shopping. Maybe you’re getting ready to close out 2016. Whatever the reason, if you missed the updates coming out of Contactually — here’s your chance to catch up. Everything you need to know so you can fully leverage Contactually’s new features to help you achieve all of your 2017 goals.

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Real Estate Statistics for 2017

Here we are yet again, at the end of the year and very ready for the new one! In following our annual tradition, we’ve put together the list of the some of the most important statistics to keep in mind for the Real Estate industry and things we think that real estate professionals should be aware of as they move into a brand new year.

After what felt like a very turbulent 2016, we’re facing a new year with a new President here in the US and plenty of questions as to how the election may or may not affect the housing industry. But, we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves!

Take the time to look over the stats and give them some thought. How can you use them to your advantage this year and how can you implement their implications into your strategy for the new year. As our CEO, Zvi, recently advised in his latest EPIC webinar, this year you ought to be focusing on setting better goals and strategies, rather than lofty resolutions that often get forgotten by March. How will you make the numbers work for you, this year?

And the winning numbers are….

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Become The Focal Point To Make Better Professional Connections, with Dorie Clark

dorie-clark-podcast-splashAre you a focal point in your industry? I host this podcast because I want to help professionals think differently about the way connections are made in business. I want them to learn to build real relationships that not only fuel business but last over time.

On this episode, I’m featuring my friend, Dorie Clark, a woman who has learned to build those kinds of relationships in a way that many people haven’t even considered.

She hosts social and business events herself with hopes of meeting the people she needs to meet, making connections for others, and becoming a focal point who people see as a valuable connection to their networks. It’s an ingenious idea that I believe you’ll benefit from, so be sure to listen.

Become The Focal Point To Make Better Professional Connections, with Click To Tweet

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The Guide to Real Estate Holiday Cards

Caroling, shimmering lights, and sweater weather, the holiday season has officially arrived. This time of year is a time to give thanks to all the people that make our lives bright. With the first holiday card sent in the winter of 1843 by the famous educator and art donator Henry Cole, holiday cards have become an American tradition, and one that also causes lot of stress.

Holiday cards are a great way to show your appreciation to the folks in your network, however, the more customers a business has, the harder it is to be personal and heartfelt in each individual card. Doesn’t it always seem that each year we seem to get more cringe-worthy cards than the last? These cards end up being remembered for all the wrong reasons, and that’s something important you’ll want to avoid entirely when you’re sending out your holiday cards…especially in a professional network. 

5 Tips to Sending the Best Real Estate Holiday Cards:

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The Power of the Personal Update

The holidays are upon us, our inboxes are filled with promotions, sales and plenty of deals, deals, deals! And our physical mailboxes? Well those are filled too, and once you sift through the mailers and catalogues, you’ll probably find a few holiday cards or even the holiday letters. Yes, we all know them and yes, we may in fact be guilty of sending them in years past.

While you may groan when you get the annual letter from that one ‘perfect’ family, you may also be heartened to get the letter from a friend or acquaintance you haven’t kept in touch with well over the year and see how well they’re doing. It’s an impetus to get in touch with them, check in on their profile on Facebook or even find some time to call them while they’re on your mind. And that, is the power of a personal update.

We’re not advocating for you to start sending a year-end recap letter to all your clients and your business network, but we are going to make some strong arguments as to why you should implement some of the core ideas of the personal update into your marketing, at the end of the year…and all year round.

Let’s get personal:

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