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Inside Contactually: Making “Thank You” a Habit

Our first and foremost core value is focus on the user. That’s mainly of course manifested in the product we sell and the always-be-helpful mantra of our customer-facing teams. But we know that we needed this a bit more baked into the DNA of the company than what we produce.

First Attempts

We’ve iterated with a whole lot of things. We’ve shown up to a user’s office with balloons and a big fake check. We’ve mailed out hundreds of sunglasses and stickers. We’ve sent mariachi bands, cupcakes, and who knows what else to offices. From time to time someone would walk around recording a short video for someone. We had a “Surprise and Delight” team that met to figure out what to do, with the budget to do it.

However, why didn’t that work? Well, it’s not like any of those efforts failed, but what we failed to do is to do it consistently.

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Contactually’s Content Libraries — Proven Methods and Tools, One Click Away

New Content Libraries give you everything you need to take advantage of Contactually’s most powerful features.

We designed Contactually to be simple — but some advanced features can take a little time and thought to set up properly. That’s why we’ve been working to make that process faster and easier, and help new users get a running start. The result? Our all-new Content Libraries, an underlying system throughout Contactually that lets you access and activate pre-made content and systems instantly.


We’ve scoured the world (or at least the Contactually user base) to find the best email templates, Buckets, Programs, and Pipelines, and put them at your disposal. With just a few clicks, you can add high quality, pre-made content directly to your account — no configuration, testing, or guessing required. read more…

5 Five Minute Tips on How to Write Follow-Up Emails Effectively

How many times have you gotten a drab email from someone “just checking in”? This bland attempt at a hook to get your response will frequently go to your trash in less time than it takes to write the email. Even though they made the attempt to follow-up with you and lead you on a nurture path, they completely failed.


Following up with your contacts is one of the most crucial nurture tactics you can use with your lead campaign. Your emails should prompt the lead to want to send a response. Writing an effective follow-up with your contacts can mean the difference between a lead going cold or developing a solid relationship with the prospect.

Here’s how to write effective follow-up emails to get a response:

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Personal Contact Management: How I Manage My Personal Contacts

You’ve heard the phrase, “nothing personal, it’s just business”. This is generally used in situations involving organized crime… and CRMs. However, Contactually’s different. Why? Because you can use Contactually to manage your personal and business contacts. I do it every day :)

As with many startup companies, personal and work life tend to blend. Being part of a startup allows you to work with some cool people. You probably spend a lot of time on work. You probably care about what you do. You’re probably attempt to be efficient with your time, budget, and schedule. So if you can use one software for two solutions — hooray! Listed below is how I do just that.

Here’s how I use Contactually for personal contact management and professional contact management:

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4 Tips for Nurturing Genuine Business Relationships

Today we have a post from our friends at Jotform. Harnessing the power of relationships and being able to nurture them to ensure long-term benefits is now essential in making the success of your business. Read on for the 4 aspects for nurturing genuine business relationships. 

We’ve all heard that it’s “not what you know, but who you know.” That has some truth to it, and that’s why it resonates. Who among us has not benefited from an opportunity that could be traced back to someone else?

From internships, to jobs, to new business opportunities, most of us have someone else to thank. Networking is important even if you are not in a role that necessarily requires it, like sales or entrepreneurship. Frankly, we all benefit from each other.

You never know what opportunities may arise in the future that would help you or your company if only you had known the right point of contact, or even someone who could point you in that direction. It’s a lost opportunity to have met someone, exchanged business cards, only to have not bothered to follow up with them. Soon you’ll find their business card, but won’t be able to put the name to a face, and it would be as if you’d have never met. You’ll probably never know what you missed out on.

Here’s 4 tips on nurturing those business relationships, and creating real connections instead of just another LinkedIn connection.

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Feature Update: Performance Tracking On Scalemail and Programs

Massive Upgrades to Contactually’s Email Performance Tracking

We’ve been releasing updates over the past few weeks related to our latest product feature, Insights.  For quite some time, we’ve heard how beneficial it’d be to you if we allowed tracking on ScaleMail and Programs.

Today, we are excited to announce that we’ve built a new tracking feature for ScaleMail and Programs that allow you to gauge your effectiveness with email communications.

First and foremost, thank you for all of the feedback you’ve provided and please continue to provide us with ways we can improve your experience with Contactually!

Now…’s how it works.

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10 Words to Increase the Value of Your Business Relationships

There are words to get your email read and words that ensure your subject line gets read, but what are the things you need to say in order to increase the value of your business relationships?

No matter how powerful and effective your product is, the way you frame your product to your clients makes all the difference. To add value to your product, you need to focus on what words you use for promotion and how you can best drive value in the relationships you cultivate with whatever service, platform, or tool you are selling. Your words should reflect how you want to convey the product to the client, and hook them into wanting to buy or continue building a relationship with you.

So, what should you say? What words are the best to use? We’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 Words to Increase the Value of Your Business Relationships:

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Start Generating Messages with our Email Template Generator

I don’t know about you, but every time I hit the send button on an email I feel a sense of nervousness. It’s not like I haven’t done it before, but I almost always feel anxious when I have to send an email. Did include enough information? Was my email too long? Should I have removed that last exclamation mark?

Most importantly…

Did I say the right things?

The last question usually haunts me because when I open the compose window, I sometimes face a stint of writer’s block. The words just don’t flow out of my head onto the keyboard, maybe my nerves get the best of me. Whether it’s an introduction to following up, sending a good (or even great) email is challenging.

Introducing our Template Generator

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