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Helping Houston with the Power of Your Network

Hurricane season is upon us, and as Hurricane (now Tropical Storm) Harvey is battering Houston, Texas and the surrounding area, it’s left much of the rest of the country watching the news in horror and feeling helpless. In times of natural disasters, it can be difficult to know exactly how to help victims if you can’t be there on the ground physically helping people or with the ensuing clean up. It’s not unusual for people to take advantage of disasters such as this one to solicit money that may not be going directly to helping victims, leaving people feeling wary of donating in the first place.

What’s the solution?

Well, we did the research and the vetting for you to find reputable sources, foundations, and organizations that are working directly with the victims of Harvey to provide relief and resources. What can you do with that information? Share it, of course! Don’t underestimate the power of your network and the power of knowledge. There’s probably plenty of people out there who simply haven’t made a donation because they didn’t even know where to start. All the more reason for you to become the source of reliable information for people in your network, whether it be via email or social media. We know the importance of our networks, and this is a powerful way to share information under circumstances that can truly enact change and make a difference in someone’s life.

What did we do?

In an effort to raise awareness of how exactly folks in our  network can help out, we sent out an email to all of our customers and users this morning detailing exactly where funds can be donated to give direct relief to those affected by Harvey.

The list includes:

American Red Cross
Salvation Army
All Hands

You can also text HARVEY to 90999 to directly donate funds.

For those of our customers who may be located in Houston and find their businesses shut down or impacted by the storm, we’re offering credits for their Contactually account for the next month as people get back on their feet.

What can you do?

For our Contactually users, Go to the Templates tab of your account, click “Add from Library” at the top right, and search “hurricane” to download a Template sharing ways to help out with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Send it to a bunch of contacts at once by ticking multiple checkboxes on the Contacts tab and clicking ScaleMail. Thank you for your good hearts, and remember to donate yourself, too!


For those who may not be users, it doesn’t mean you can’t use our template or the idea of our template to share information with your own network by giving them some place to go to directly donate that they can feel secure about. You can also share the same information via your social media profiles, which may end up reaching a far wider audience beyond your own personal network.

But however you choose to spread the message, we encourage you to spread it and do so quickly. Many of the people affected are in need of help as soon as possible and organizations like the Red Cross are one of the most reliable ways to provide relief. While we wish we could be on the ground helping those in Texas and the surrounding area, giving just the smallest amount can add up to making all the difference in someone’s life in this trying time.

How To Write A Real Estate Blog People Want To Read

Real Estate Blogging – Making Your Mark

If you do not have an online presence in today’s real estate market, you are not going to be as successful as you could be. As a real estate agent, having a blog is a big part of creating an online presence. But not all blogs are created equal. Some are much more successful than others. So, what’s the secret? How do you create a real estate blog people actually want to read?

People talk all the time about having quality content but what does that actually mean? In a recent article we talked about some tips for successful real estate blogging. Some general guidelines were discussed on how to provide information people want to read that can also drive business.

Below you’ll find some additional guidelines that will be helpful in starting your journey to creating a successful real estate article.

11 Tips to Write the Best Real Estate Blog Post

read more…

Success in Real Estate is Rooted in Relationships, with Eddie Berenbaum

success in real estateIn the Washington, D.C. area there are hundreds of real estate brokerages. But the Century 21 Redwood Brokerage, lead by my guest Eddie Berenbaum is one of the most successful. The primary reason it’s successful is that from the leadership down through the ranks, relationships are at the center of everything they do.

In this episode, Eddie tells how they’ve been able to infuse that understanding and practice into the company DNA, and what it means to the brokerage’s ability to experience true success in real estate. It’s a great conversation you’ll glean a lot of good practices from.

#Success in #RealEstate is Rooted in #Relationships, w @EddieRedwood #RealRelationships #Contactually Click To Tweet

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The 12 Top Real Estate Podcasts

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that podcasts are here…and they’re here to stay. They’ve simultaneously brought back the art of the classic radio show in episodic form, ala Serial, as well as given voice to a lot of experts in fields that may not have necessarily had an outlet or voice before podcasts entered the scene.


Now, what good is this for you, a real estate agent? The rise of podcasts’ popularity has been large in part due to the fact that the information is easily digestible while on-the-go and whether you’re listening on your daily commute to and from work or listening to your favorite podcast while cooking dinner, podcast have become the perfect multi-tasking information source. Perfect, if you ask us, for real estate agents who live largely on their mobile devices or in their car, and who might just need a diversion or an information boost from fellow agents and real estate professionals.

That’s why we pulled together the top real estate podcasts

Top real estate podcasts to start listening to today:

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7 SEO Tips to Drive Traffic and Leads to your Real Estate Website

It’s one of the most stressful purchases anyone can ever make. Home ownership can be a confusing, overwhelming and exacerbating experience for so many. Having a real estate agent next to them can help ease some of these pressures throughout the entire process.

At some point in the hunt for a home, almost every single buyer will turn to the internet for some guidance. In fact, the very first step nearly half of home buyers take when starting their search for a new home is searching online – that’s before they even contact a real estate agent for help.

They want to see what’s available and possibly even get an idea of what their current home may be worth. Don’t miss the opportunity to be their guide on the pathway towards their next home. Use these 7 SEO boosting tips to help drive more traffic and leads to your real estate website, so you can build your business and help ease the stresses of this gigantic purchase.

 7 SEO Tips to implement today:

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Ultimate Guide to Content Curation

In 2016, there were approximately 3,424,971,237 Internet users worldwide – and the number is increasing rapidly. The billions (yes, BILLIONS!) of people that are on the Internet are doing all sorts of things from streaming movies, publishing blog posts, online shopping, scrolling through Facebook feeds, talking to friends across the ocean – the list truly can go on and on. A lot of these users are creating something – also known as “content” – to put on the Internet for others to see and engage with. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, there’s a high volume of content at our disposal at all times.

However, with the average user demanding more content on a daily basis it’s hard, especially for businesses, to keep up. So, what do individuals and businesses do when they’re too busy or out of ideas for fresh and unique content?

Content curation. The ultimate move.

Read on to learn more about why.

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Self Management Skills That Build Vital Relationships with Mike Muhney

Many people talk about relationship management these days, but Mike Muhney prefers to talk about self-management and the skills it takes to ensure that you are good in relationships. I had a great time chatting with Mike for this episode of Real Relationships.

He’s such a down-to-earth, practically oriented guy who has been building great relationships with people for decades.

His insights into what it takes to build the self-management skills that set you up for great relationships are invaluable. Be sure you take the time to listen.

#SelfManagement Skills That Build Vital #Relationships with Mike Muhney @ViporPlus Click To Tweet

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Real Estate Blog Do’s and Don’ts

Writing a blog that people will want to read takes more than just typing up a few paragraphs and posting them online. As a real estate agent, you want to pull in an audience and make them see you as a valuable resource. Your blog is an important component of your online marketing, so you want to make sure it is high quality.

Remember – no one creates a great blog overnight. It will take some trial and error. But the following information can help you understand what you should be doing with your blog, and what you shouldn’t be doing.

Keep in mind the landscape has changed. With more and more people writing content daily, things have gotten far more competitive. In order to be really successful, you need to create exceptional content and also be somewhat versed in content marketing/SEO.

You can’t just think you’ll hit publish and expect to have business come flooding in. If only things were that easy! They say that content is king but I would tell you understanding SEO is queen. Without having both you are bound to get lost in a sea of content not getting noticed.

Frankly, it can take a while until you hit your peak. There are no quick avenues with real estate blogging. My real estate blog, Maximum Real Estate Exposure, has taken years to get to be so recognized both in search engines and socially.

Do’s and Don’ts for your Real Estate Blog:

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