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5 Five Minute Tips on Thanking Your Clients, Customers, and Contacts

The expression of gratitude has been show to lead to increased happiness. Gratitude has been shown to improve health, help to better handle adversity, increase enjoyment of positive experiences, and build strong relationships.

Have you ever made a big purchase, especially one that required a lot of help from a sales person, and received a note after? That experience sticks in your mind. A lot of large companies will send you loyalty points, or discounts after you purchase, but a less sales-oriented message is more memorable.

Saying thank you to your clients lets them know they are valued. Sending an authentic note makes you seem more approachable and stand out in the customer’s memory. By writing a thank you after a sale or interaction, you give your customer a more valuable and memorable experience.

Here are 5 Five Minute Tips on Thanking Your Customers, Clients, and Contacts

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Inside Contactually’s Customer Referral Program

Want to generate more business with little to no cost and without any prospecting?

If the answer is yes (which it likely will be for 99% of people reading this), you and your business could greatly benefit from a customer referral program.

Customer referrals — sometimes also referred to as word-of-mouth marketing — can have a major impact on your business:

  • Referrals account for 20-50% of the factors that go into the purchasing decision
  • 1 in 3 people come to a brand through a recommendation
  • Customers who were referred by loyal customers have a 37% higher retention rate

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Announcing Activity Insights – Easy Reporting, Now With More Power

Discover not only how you’re performing, but why.

Last month, we released the first incarnation of Contactually’s Insights feature, which gives you an instant look at the network health and overall Contactually performance of yourself, and everyone on your team. People — especially those team users — really seem to like it, but almost immediately we heard the desire for more. More detail, more measurement, more… well, more insights. Fortunately, we were expecting this (who doesn’t want more insight?), and we’ve been working on the next generation of Insights pretty much since the last one saw the light of day. read more…

Re-Segmenting: When Contacts No Longer Fit Into Their Segments

In previous posts we have explained how to segment your contacts to optimize overall your ROI. But what happens when people in your network no longer fit their segment?

According to eMarketer, with segmentation 39% of people saw better open rates, opt-out rates and unsubscriptions were lower for 28% of people, 24% saw improved email deliverability, leads, and revenue. Cleary, segmentation is key to successful customer nurturing and achieving a good ROI.


Here are ways to think of how to re-segment your contacts:

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The Biggest List of 133 Relationship Management Tools

I think I use anywhere between 3-7 tools and platforms a day. Although, it may seem on the excessive end as the number rises, I couldn’t actively do my job or manage my relationships successfully without each of the tools. I found an article stating that in a recent report 53% of mid-size companies use at least 5 or more technology solutions, while 15% use 10 or more.

How many are you using?

Different sized teams, goals, and jobs will require a combination of a variety of tools and platforms; yet, the one thing that probably remains the same is the maintenance of the relationships that need to be formed. You’ve heard us talk about how valuable are and we’ll say it over and over again. But, do you have all of the right tools and platforms to really succeed in your relationships?

We’ve compiled this extensive list below, segmented by purpose of the tool, to help provide a directory for you with the platforms and tools you can try out to make an impact on your relationships and drive even more value back to your business.

Check out these 133 Relationship Management tools below:

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Building Networks: Communicating Strategically on Social Media

One of the best parts of social media is that it gives you another outlet to add value to your relationships through the posts you create. Social media allows you to shape the perception of your company to your network and form different ties to connections through these different platforms.

However, to effectively communicate on each social media network you must make strategic adjustment to ensure your posts get noticed.

Think about it this way, when you are talking on the phone, texting, and/or writing an email do you employ the same communication patterns across each? Probably not and this answer would hold true for the various social media platforms.

What are the best ways you can communicate across each?

Here’s how you can strategically communicate across various social media platforms and form the best relationships with each:

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Inside Contactually: Whitespace

One of the biggest productivity dangers in life is getting sucked up in the urgent, at the sacrifice of the important. We spend too much of our day in firefighting mode, responding to whatever’s in our inbox and whoever has a question or a need from us.

We don’t spend enough time doing what’s important — building the business.

You may be familiar with the idea of a Maker’s Schedule and a Manager’s Schedule. That is best applied to differentiate how someone who is primarily a maker works vs someone who is primarily a manager. Managers run by their calendar. Makers (developers, creatives, etc) sometimes don’t even see that there was anything on their otherwise-empty calendar.

The issue we faced is that managers need to make sometimes too. How does that fit in when every 30 minute block of your calendar is booked up by one or another thing?

Inside Contactually, we introduced among our team the idea of whitespace. I know that in sales roles, there is sometimes admin time to answer email. Or other roles have core hours where they are willing to have meetings.

Whitespace is different.

Inline image 1

Whitespace is:

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Stock Check: 5 Ways to Take Inventory of Your Network

After I graduated, I had a 6 month gap in securing full-time employment and in that time I had the opportunity to work for a retailer. It wasn’t my dream job out of school, but to be honest, the discount was great. And I did learn some selling techniques.

However, one thing I did dread every month or so was that I had to stay back a few nights to help take inventory of the items of clothing on the floor and in the back stock. Meticulously counting the various blouses, pants, sweaters, and accessories wasn’t exactly on my list of favorite things to do.

It was important to the business and the store. We could see if we were missing anything, if there were holes in the inventory, and/or if there were things we needed to reorder. Even though, I loathed having to do this, I understood how it was vital in determining different factors going on at the story.

My dread did have a correlation to how unproductive the process actually is. Microsoft found that “For almost all retailers inventory is the single largest asset on the balance sheet. Yet despite all the improvements in technology over the past 25 years, inventory continues to be the least productive asset for most retailers.” 

Taking inventory isn’t just reserved for retail stores. Practicing it on your network can be extremely valuable in building better business relationships and it can be a more productive process than the one I experienced counting blouses.

Now, I’m not suggesting you start to mindlessly count all of your contacts in your management system, instead taking inventory of your network requires some other factors that tell you if your relationships are in tiptop shape. And now, it’s probably one of the most productive things you can do in order to  You won’t need to count stacks of t-shirts or write down how many pairs of pants you have in this exercise, but here are the 5 ways to take inventory of your network.

5 Ways to Take Inventory of Your Network

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