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The Holiday Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

The holidays are fast-approaching. Are you ready? If you’re not, it’s time to get started. Shoppers are most active during holidays and eagerly looking for the best propositions every year. And small businesses that are ready for it will win out over the stragglers.

Besides getting an early start, here are some other ways to make sure this is a successful holiday season for your small business:

Marketing for Small Business:

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The Best Tweets from NAR Annual 2016

This year, Team Contactually headed to the National Association of Realtor’s annual conference in sunny Orlando, Florida. They spread the good word of Contactually, shared laughs with customers and new friends alike over playing the real life Bucket Game and even made a side trip to nearby Harry Potter World. It was overwhelmingly successful and the team back at Contactually HQ in DC was understandably jealous. Luckily, we were able to follow along the adventure on Twitter with #NARAnnual, which garnered thousands and thousands of tweets over the course of this year’s conference.


Okay you’re right, we can’t possibly grab all the best of the best tweets that went out over the 4 day conference, but we’ve curated some of our favorites here. One of the most impressive aspects of the conference? The Gen Z panel that NAR put together to talk about how they view real estate and how they like to communicate. As the up-and-coming generation, having a better understanding of them will help to further inform future marketing and communications campaigns. And as always, social media was a major theme and top of mind for many of the panelists and Realtors in attendance.

Tweets from #NARAnnual2016:

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How To Build Business Relationships That Really Matter, with Evan Baehr


Building better business relationships is a hot topic. You can spend lots of time reading blog posts and listening to podcast episodes about it. But rather than spend all that time trying to find good advice and perspectives, you’d be better off listening to somebody who does it well. One of the people that come to my mind right away is Evan Baehr.

In this conversation I ask Evan some pretty straightforward questions about why he sees relationships as one of the best assets he has in business and how he goes about establishing, nurturing, and extending those relationships in ways that not only benefit him and his company but also the person on the other end.

How To Build #BusinessRelationships That Really Matter, with Evan Baeher Click To Tweet

In the end, relationships may be the only place where I can truly meet a need.

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Social Media Automation and You

Social media is the largest growing sector for company marketing and customer support. The internet has enabled instant responses and up-to-date advertising campaigns. However, as any person that has run social media professionally knows, whether it be for their company or your own professional profile, the instantaneousness of this new era has brought about a daunting task for social media operators: constant management of these accounts.

Although many of these tasks require personal touches and specific care and attention, some are very menial. Growing your community, timing of posts, as well as analytics can all be now done easily through online software programs. Known as “bots” or automation tools, these programs can help target potential new online community members, schedule posts, and show metrics that aid in the overall social media campaign. Bots can be highly effective, especially when nearly 30% of users assume that messages they receive or actions done by bots as those done by a ‘real’ user.


Think of the automated message you sometimes receive on Twitter when you follow someone new. This is a great and often misused tool by many tweeters out there. We’ve all been on the receiving end of a poorly executed automated response and it can often leave a bad taste in our mouths when it comes to the idea of utilizing some of the automation tools ourselves. But, before you go running and screaming in the other direction in fear of losing your personalized touch on social media, we’ve got a few recommendations for tools to try out, integrate into your social media strategy, and maybe even learn to love!

8 Tools for your social media automation:

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Introducing Contactually Slack & Facebook Messenger Integrations: from Contactually Labs

The world of chat

Our business, like yours, is built on relationships. The trust and rapport you build up with clients over the long-term help build your real estate business. And similar to personal relationships — whether you’ve realized it or not – you’ve come to trust the technology that surrounds you. How often do you speak with Siri? A simple voice command and you have your answers within seconds. Or what about driving directions? Simply input location and you’re guided by voice, turn-by-turn.

The shift towards friendlier, more personable tech is empowering agents and brokers alike to create even more growth in their business. New integrations and chatbots have been helping agents and brokerages become more productive overall. With the ability to quickly log and automate activity, agents are feeling less of the burden of administrative work lingering over their heads and cluttering up their days.

“I’m typically on the go in my daily routine, so I try to do as much as I can to make the most out of my time. I usually use Google or Alexa voice commands to make sure I schedule appointments in the moment, or else I may forget.” – Brandon Doyle, RE/MAX Results

Although some new technology is novel and exciting, at the end of the day, it may not solve any problems for you. If anything, it’s just another thing you’ve got cluttering up your phone, computer, or brain! There have been no shortage of attempts to revolutionize the industry — some like Tay, which has its own flaws and bugs to work through. In such a growing space that holds nothing but promise for the future of Real Estate growth, Contactually is looking to drive more for agents within the tools they love and use.

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Seasonal Email Templates to be Grateful For This Fall

Here at Contactually we talk a lot about Email Templates. What are they? At Contactually we like to think of Email Templates as a pre-written message. Below is Webster’s online definition of a template.

Template: noun ● tem·plate ● \ˈtem-plət\

computers : a computer document that has the basic format of something (such as a business letter, chart, graph, etc.) and that can be used many different times.

But what the Webster’s definition leaves out is the value that Email Templates can add to a user’s life. You may underestimate or brush off the idea of utilizing a pre-written email template as an less-personalized approach to your email and messaging outreach. But, we’re here to argue that using an email template is one of the best ways to start your outreach process and gives you solid base from which to start building those very personal emails and messages to your network. 

3 Reasons to Use Holiday Email Templates:

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Inspirational Women in Real Estate Tech

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on the PieSync blog and can be found here. 

Women are dominating Real Estate Technology like never before. Check out our picks of the most inspirational women in RETech:

Barbara Corcoran

Founder of The Corcoran Group in NYC, she’s the pioneer of internet marketing for the real estate industry. Corcoran is truly inspirational – she’s overcome “failure” to become one of the most successful people in the real estate industry.  She’s the pioneer of internet marketing for the real estate industry.

Twitter: @BarbaraCorcoran

Facebook: Barbara Corcoran

Dianna Kokoszka


Dianna Kokoszka draws on her extensive experience in real estate in order to build a 100-strong MAPS coach army, who deliver coaching programs tailor-made to help their clients build on the Keller Williams business models.

In 2009, Dianna created the BOLD (Business Objective: Life by Design) program, which transformed the career trajectories for thousands of real estate professionals.

Twitter: @dianna_kokoszka

Facebook: Dianna Kokoszka

Read on for 6 more inspirational women!

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Top 7 Networking Gurus to Follow on Twitter

To be successful in the professional world today, you need help from others. Networking, as well as education and prior job experience, is one of the most impactful things that will improve your career. According to a survey conducted by Forbes in 2010, over 40% of new jobs derive from networking compared to only 25% coming from job boards.

Networking, also known as relationship building, is what Contactually’s mission is centered on: To help relationship-focused professionals expand opportunities through authentic and timely engagement. Software alone cannot make you into a great networker, so below we have compiled the top networking influencers. These individuals are experts in networking and career guidance, so follow and keep up with their work so that you become a first rate networker!

Learn how to network with these influencers:

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