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[INFOGRAPHIC] Becoming Legit: How to Get Verified on Twitter

The Twitter badge is one of the most coveted achievements on the internet. That little blue checkmark serves as an virtual indicator that you are legitimate and verified. A Twitter Badge establishes a sense of trust between the account and the people that follow it. You may associate it with major celebrities or big brands and use it as a way to verify the account you’re following or looking at is ‘legit’.

Twitter finally enabled the ability to request and verify accounts for all of us non-celebrity people. This has been a long time coming, as Facebook introduced verified badges in late 2015 to anyone who applied. It’s a smart idea to verify your business, and even yourself, on social media. Verifying is a quick and easy way to earn some internet cred, and it’s proof for potential clients that you truly are who you say you are– think of it like a little ID check for the internet— and now you can do it on Twitter.

Surprisingly, it’s not too hard to apply, but it takes a few days to process and I’ll show you the same steps we took to verify our official Contactually Twitter page.

Read on for how to get verified on Twitter:

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5 Tips to Earning More Real Estate Agent Reviews

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Jennifer Riner and originally published on Jason Fox’s blog and can be found here. 

Most consumers scan reviews online. The internet is a crowded place, and clients want to be sure they know more about you before setting out to make one of the largest purchases of their lives. Unfortunately, reviews are an aspect of marketing and branding agents often forget.

According to BrightLocal’s 2014 Local Consumer Review Survey, 88 percent of customers review online ratings to determine quality of local businesses. And, 88 percent of consumers say they trust those reviews as much as personal recommendations. The trustworthiness of other reviewers is up from 79 percent in 2013.

While you might not have poor reviews, no reviews can almost be as off-putting to potential clients. Instead of letting your online reputation suffer, follow these five steps to help you bulk up your recognition.

How to Use Online Reviews to Grow Your Real Estate Business:

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How a Real Estate Agent uses a 7 Day Program to Close More Deals

Entering the wild world of Real Estate is no mean feat, but Kaytlin Hughes has jumped in feet first as a new, and young real estate agent in Utah. She’s found one of her secrets to success has been keeping in consistent touch with her clients and prospective clients. From designing an intense 7 day program that allows her to reach out across email and text message and truly stay top-of-mind, to sending out personalized Scalemail for a holiday weekend, Kaytlin has all but conquered the art of staying in touch.

Looking for some new tips and tricks for making sure your clients remember you? Read on, you’re sure to glean some wisdom from this brand new real estate agent, and be sure to check her out on social media as she shares her listings and keeps her network up to date on her local neighborhoods.

Read on for a real estate Contactually user Interview…

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The Contactually Platform: Better Than Ever & More to Come

We have an ambitious vision here at Contactually: The most successful businesses in the world will be built upon personal, authentic relationships with their clients and partners. 
And our best shot at fully accomplishing that vision is to provide you with the best platform. We’ve been pretty transparent in the past about our continued iteration and evolution into a quality platform that, most importantly, you value and trust.
I thought I would share some of the recent enhancements that we have made that already made a big impact on our user experience.

5 Steps to Finding Your Instagram Fame

“Instafamous,” a term used mainly by Millennials, describes those with a high Instagram presence, determined by the number of likes and followers. Although it has only been around for only five years, Instagram is the world’s most popular social media, only second to Facebook and its 1.654 billion active users. With the mobile industry still growing, Instagram has yet to hit its full potential. Last month, Instagram’s active monthly user count surpassed 500 million, with more than 300 million using Instagram daily.

More than 95 million posts are uploaded daily along with 4.2 billion likes daily, and 80% of Instagram users are outside of the United States. Over 50% of Fortune 500 companies use Instagram actively to promote their brand. These numbers are hard to ignore, and if you or your company are not using this social medium, you’re missing out on a significant marketing opportunity.  

5 Tips for how to be Instafamous:

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Don’t Bounce Back: 5 Tips on How to Write Better Emails

We’ve all been at the receiving end of a bad email. The kind of email that makes you groan and probably almost immediately discredits the sender. Here’s the thing, as email becomes more and more prevalent and we continue to use it as a quick means of communication between co-workers and friends, we could potentially forget our etiquette completely when writing a business email, and it may be detrimental for both you and your relationships.

So, what’s the fix? Write better emails? Sure, to simplify it, you need to write better emails. But this goes a little bit deeper than just writing better emails, it’s about defining what you use emails for and how to best use it as a tool for communicating. Because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s there for, to aid in your communications and it’s one powerful tool for doing so! But in the wrong hands…it can make one big mess. The average office worker gets about 80 emails a day and if you want your email to be answered, you’re going to have to stand out from those 79 other emails your contact received by sending the best email they saw and read all day.

5 Tips on how to write better emails:

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8 Steps to Staying Top-of-Mind Without Sounding Like a Robot

In a market where inventory is tight and listings are king, referrals are more critical than ever. Real Estate Agents report that they expect 49% of their business this year to come from referrals alone. Unfortunately those referrals don’t appear on their own, they come through building relationships with clients and former clients…and maintaining those relationships long after a home is bought or sold. More often than not, agents and small business folks tend to rely too heavily on automated emails that end up making them sound robotic and less than genuine. If you plan on getting worthwhile referrals, you’ll need to establish your relationships in a more personalized way…while still taking advantage of automation where you can.

With that in mind, we polled 150 of our top residential real estate agent users to find out their secrets to building a robust referral pipeline. Here are a few of their market-proven strategies for staying top-of-mind in genuine, relevant ways.

8 Steps to get more real estate referrals:

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[INTERVIEW] Doing What You Love & Building Up Your Brand

Recognized as a branding expert and featured in the Wall Street Journal, BBC, Mashable, CNBC, SmartMoney, and more, Jeremy Goldman is the founder and CEO of Firebrand Group, an award-winning firm focused on building powerful brands through innovative digital marketing and social media strategies.

With clients that range from big names like Colgate, Amtrak, and Inc., it’s clear that Jeremy and his team are pros at what they do. Their services fall under the digital marketing umbrella and brands can get their help on mobile marketing, social amplification, and digital positioning, all crucial aspects of getting your brand out there in our digital age. In addition to his work managing Firebrand Group, Jeremy is columnist for and recently released his second book in May 2016, Getting to Like: How to Boost Your Personal and Professional Brand to Expand Opportunities, Grow Your Business, and Achieve Financial Success (with co-author Ali B. Zagat).

Jeremy shared his insights with us on the art of using social media to market yourself and your business, what his preference is for a social media platform for networking and why you would want to build up and market your personal brand in the first place.

Contactually Influencer Interview…

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