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Building Strong Relationships Paves the Way to Continued Success

This article was originally published by RISMedia. Copyright 2016.  

As real estate markets throughout the country continue to improve and the demands placed on real estate professionals mount at an alarming rate, staying in touch with your sphere of influence is not only challenging, it’s typically one of the first tasks that gets pushed to the bottom of your never-ending to-do list.

But in an industry founded on the premise of not knowing where your next referral is coming from, staying in touch isn’t just a good idea—it’s a necessity. The question is how to do so consistently, easily, and authentically.

And thanks to Contactually, Ted Schaar—broker/owner of RE/MAX Gallery in Glendale, Wis.—is not only able to maximize his network ROI, he’s also getting more referrals and gaining more repeat business on a consistent basis.

How Ted builds his real estate relationships…

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Real Estate Marketing in The Digital Age: Interview with Josh Cobb

Juggling a real estate tech company and a successful real estate podcast is no mean feat, but Josh Cobb manages to do both…all while recognizing the importance of maintaining his wide network of business and personal relationships. Cobb founded Stepps, a real estate digital marketing firm, in October of 2014 in Australia.

A former real estate agent himself, Cobb recognized the need for real estate agents to get help with some of the more technical aspects of their marketing strategies. Beyond helping agents get their websites set up, Josh and his team at Stepps offer everything from social media training to marketing analytics, and even helping establish the nitty gritty marketing strategies.

Josh shared some of his wisdom with us in this exclusive interview, so go ahead and check it out….you might just be surprised at what this digital marketer says is the most important thing to focus on for your networking!

Contactually Influencer Interview:

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Finding Enthusiasm in Your Business Relationships

Joshua Evans’ specialty lies in enthusiasm. Specifically in finding his clients’ enthusiasm in both their personal and professional lives, in an effort to improve those lives overall. He works as both a coach and a professional speaker, and maintains his relationships and large network with Contactually.

The cornerstone of his business is building enthusiasm into your life, whether that be helping to develop a small business’ culture or coaching his clients one-on-one, Evans and his team coach and train their way into helping you find your passion…and who doesn’t want more of that? His story reminds us that although automating part of our business can be crucial to making our lives easier, it should mean that we have more time to spend devoting to building relationships within our network.

Contactually User Interview:

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Everyday Holidays to Use in Your Marketing

Here at Contactually, we’re well aware that it’s #NationalCoffeeDay ☕️ …although if we’re being honest, almost every day here is Coffee Day. And yes, that’s capitalized, we love our coffee. But while you scroll through your social media feeds, or see the hashtag trending on the sidebar of your Twitter homepage, do you think twice about how these ‘special’ holidays come into being, and how you could possibly utilize them for your own marketing?

We’ll all agree that your network is a group of people that need to hear from you on a fairly regular basis in order for you to stay top of mind with them, right? But, if this group of people aren’t ones that you’re currently doing business with or are friends that you don’t see each and every weekend, you may find it difficult to come up with something to build a conversation or even a quick email around when you go to reach out to them. Thanks to social media, we’ve all become very aware of all these special days and as the National Day Calendar website points out, it gives us a reason to celebrate even the littlest things on each and every day of the year.


The first week of October’s ‘National Days’

But doesn’t it also give you a very good reason on nearly every day of the year to reach out to your network, to those long-forgotten friends, or cold leads? If you’re looking to stay top of mind in a thoughtful, fun and creative way with our network, we’ll break down a few of these special days in different ways to get your contacts’ attention and get them to remember you in the best, most positive way possible…because who doesn’t want to celebrate National Coffee Day?

Start creating your marketing holidays:

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The 6 Best Chrome Extensions for Real Estate Pros

We all love a good time saver, right? And Chrome extensions are often the be-all end-all when it comes to finding a quick hack during your daily internet browsing or time spent online for work. For those who may not quite be in the know, don’t worry, it’s nothing you can’t remedy in a quick three minutes!

Are you using Chrome as your browser? If so, then great, you’re on the right track. If not, go ahead and download it. It’s Google’s excellent Internet browser and probably one of your better options out there. As for the Chrome extensions, think of them as a free little widget that sits at the top of your browser and completely enhances your Internet browsing activities. Currently, my favorite extension is Honey, which finds discount codes for you and automatically tries them out when you go to check out from your online shopping spree. I’ve saved quite a bit of money through it…and that’s just one of the many, many extensions out there.

Now, as a real estate agent, your business may not quite benefit from the usage of Honey, but we’re sure that there are a few extensions that could in fact help your productivity and more throughout your day. Before you head to the Chrome Web Store and go wild with downloading every great extension, take a look through our list and use it to create your personalized, curated web-browsing experience!

Check out the 6 best chrome extensions for real estate professionals:

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[EBOOK] The Brokerage Recruiting Playbook

Over the course of several months, Contactually interviewed over 150 top-tier brokerages across the United States. The biggest takeaway from these interviews? Recruiting top agents and then retaining them in the brokerage is one of the top evergreen priorities at nearly every brokerage we spoke with.

As we found, there’s no easy or one-stop solution to solving this problem, rather it’s all about creating a more informed strategy based on yours and your brokerage’s needs. Exactly figuring out that strategy for recruiting can be the hardest part, and what may in fact be setting you back the most when it comes to actually finding and retaining the best agents. As we interviewed all of those brokers, a few themes began to emerge and our Recruiting Playbook was born.

graphs-01Our goal here wasn’t to provide that one-stop simple solution for each and every brokerage looking to recruit and retain better agents, instead we wanted to provide the strategies that allow you and your brokerage to discover the best way for achieving that ultimate goal of retaining the best agents for as long as possible. With an easy to follow progression, from identifying the strategy that’s best for you based on your priorities, to a worksheet you can fill out yourself to understand the metrics you need to measure your recruiting goals by, the playbook is sure to start you in the right direction of achieving that 2016 goal at the top of all brokers’ minds.

How to Recruit Real Estate Agents:

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A Real Estate Professional’s Guide to E-Signatures

Property sales might be the end goal of real estate, but it takes a lot of paperwork to get there – starting with the bids and contracts facilitated by real estate professionals.

Today, most of that paperwork is started in electronic form. Wouldn’t life be simpler and transactions happen quicker if those documents could just stay electronic throughout the signing process? That’s why e-signatures are becoming increasingly popular in the real estate industry: They allow buyers, sellers and all other parties involved to sign a document digitally and securely, saving time, money and resources.

Avoid the real estate paperwork with e-signatures…

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5 Steps to Upgrading Your Instagram to Business

Social media marketing is proving to be a major key to succeeding as a business today in 2016. Social media marketing itself is all about presenting quality and relevant content in a professional manner. And we’ve talked about how to make your brand Instafamous before and how that fame could be attainable for all of us, but now it’s time to take it a step further.

Since then, we have upgraded our own Instagram account to the new business profile. Our profile now features a contact button and a hyperlink to our headquarters’ address, which goes well beyond what a basic Instagram profile generally displays. Along with the new look, we now have a new set of Instagram’s native tools for assessing how exactly our posts are performing. The tools include statistics on posts and followers, as well as an easier way to promote posts. So how do you upgrade your profile?

Below are the five easy steps for getting your Instagram profile to business official and a few reasons why it may be beneficial for you and your marketing efforts. 

Upgrade Instagram to Business

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