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Roh Habibi: Building a Long-Term Business Through Real Relationships

Before Roh Habibi was featured on Million Dollar Listing he was already an amazingly successful real estate broker in the San Francisco Bay area.

He says that his success was not built on technology or fancy real estate strategies, but rather through building real relationships with people.

He’s my kind of guy. On this episode of Real Relationships, you’re going to hear how Roh started his business, built it to scale, and is now working hard to be the go-to guy for real estate in the bay area. It’s a great conversation.

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5 Mother’s Day Email Campaign Ideas for Your Small Business

Mother’s Day shoppers spent 21.4 billion in 2016, according to a 2017 shopping analysis. One great way to drive those shoppers to your business is with email marketing, which consistently ranks as one of the highest performing marketing channels for businesses.

Connecting with your customers or clients over a holiday like Mother’s Day is bound to get some attention. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to get people to come out and shop, or a real estate agent recommending the best restaurants in the area to take mom for brunch or lunch over the weekend, it’s the perfect opportunity to connect with your network in a personal way.


To make your emails most effective, make the holiday a centerpiece in one or more of your campaigns this time of year.  Here are a few ways to do exactly that while celebrating moms everywhere.

The best Mother’s Day Email Campaigns to try this year:

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Contactually Reads: The Best Business Books & More from Our Shelves

Here at Contactually, we love a good book, and if you pop by our office in DC, you’ll find plenty of books on the shelves that have helped to shape who were are as a company and how the teams run. We’ve also made plenty of recommendations here on the blog for best books for professionals to read to improve their business prowess…so we decided to ask our teammates here at Contactually what they were reading.

If you’re thinking to yourself that you ‘don’t have the time’ or that you’re ‘too busy’ then it might be worth it to think again! Not only is reading a great way to pass the time and unplug from our increasingly connected world, it’s been scientifically proven time and time again that reading can help increase your brain functionality, and could potentially decrease your stress levels by up to 68%… isn’t that something that’s worth making some time for in your life?

Whether you’re reading books to help you better your business, or you’re taking in the latest literary fiction, increasing your reading time is bound to improve your overall health and well-being, which in turn will improve your business! See what we did there?

Best business books + more from Contactually:

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Let’s Get Graphic: How to Make an Infographic and MORE

Infographics are the unsung marketing heroes. They can be stand-alone content, supplemental for an article, or used as a visual aid in a presentation. We oftentimes reference infographics because they’re easy to drag to our desktop, and looking at an infographic is a lot simpler and time efficient than reading through an article.

The bottom line is that we see and use infographics all the time for both our personal and professional life, but why? Read ahead to find out why we’re psychologically drawn to infographics and how to make them yourself for your business, social media, or marketing!

How to make an infographic. But first…why should you?

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Battle of the Workplace: The Startup Vs. The Corporation

In this day and age, the big decision of picking between the two ends of the workplace environment spectrum is not that uncommon for the average employee to experience. You hear through the grapevine about the far-fetched but somehow simultaneously necessary and unnecessary perks of a startup environment and compare it with the guaranteed internal growth and financial security of a corporate career. 

But which do you choose?

While there are many grays on the workplace spectrum, each are tailored to a specific type of person and work ethic…so have no fear! While we’re not saying that every startup and corporate company fits exactly these traits, we’re breaking it down to give you a better idea of what each of these environments can offer and if it may be the right fit for you and your working style as you hunt for the perfect job. Here at Contactually, we embody much of the ‘typical’ startup traits but understand it’s not always the best fit for folks on the job hunt. 

Workplaces & You: Startup environment vs. Corporate

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Building Real Relationships As Long-Term Business Gains, with Chris Fralic

Chris Fralic is one of the most intentional, genuine people I know when it comes to building relationships. He sees himself as a connection maker and works hard to ensure that he’s thinking long-term instead of simply transactional.

On this episode of Real Relationships, Chris shares how he developed his emphasis on relationships, why it’s important for business builders, and how it applies to things like follow-up, email, and introductions. You’ll get a ton of value from this conversation with Chris.

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Manners Please: the Best Way to Say Thank You Plus BONUS Email Templates

This isn’t the first time we’ve covered the thank you topic here on the Contactually Blog. Saying ‘thank you’ never goes out of style and we’re always finding new ways to tell our network and customers thank you.

Saying “please” and “thank you” were among the first manners that we all learned when we were children. It goes without saying but expressing gratitude goes far beyond thanking our teachers, parents, and friends when we were kids. As we’ve grown up, saying “thank you” has taken on an even bigger role – especially in the business world. According to a 2014 survey by Ask Your Target Market, “81% of respondents agree that sending thank you notes is an important way to show appreciation.” But it doesn’t stop there.

In addition to being polite and showing appreciation, saying “thank you” has a lot of other positive benefits both personally and professionally. According to Psychology Today, expressing gratitude has various benefits from growing new relationships to improving psychological health.

So, if you are part of the 14% of people that say they never send “thank you” notes, it’s about time you jump on the bandwagon.

Take a look at our tips on the best way to say thank you and become a “thank you” expert:

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Creating a Custom Email Experience with Mail Merge

Do you send emails en masse to your network of contacts? It’s okay, you can tell us….we’ve all been there! And under the right circumstances, a mass email can often be effective in reaching your network and sharing news or updates as you maintain some of those crucial relationships. If you used a program like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or even Contactually’s own ScaleMail, chances are you’ve utilized mail merge…even if you didn’t realize it.

Basically, mail merge should be (if it isn’t already) your best friend in your email outreach as you look to personalize your emails at a large scale, and keep your messages relevant to each individual you’re sending them to. While it might require a little work on the front end of getting your contacts organized with different tags and creating a system that’s consistent across your whole contact database, it’ll pay off big time when you start sending better emails no matter what software or email system you’re using.

Integrate mail merge into your strategy today:

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