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Dear Contactually, How Many Follow-up Emails Should I Send?

Ever had a question about your business relationships, your network, or on writing the best email….but were too embarrassed to ask? You’re in luck, we’re introducing Dear Contactually, where you can ask all of your hard-to-answer questions of our resident experts here, anonymously of course!

It’s probably safe to say that all those burning questions you have are questions that other folks have also had or wondered about. You’re not alone, and we’re here to ease some of your networking and follow-up pains that we know are keeping you up late at night.

So what do you have to do to get your questions answered? Submit your question here or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook, or shoot us an email ( and ask away! Your name will remain anonymous and we promise to answer your questions as best we can.

Dear Contactually…How do I send the best follow-up email after meeting an influencer? How many?

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7 Crucial Metrics to Measure for Follow-Ups

When you send an email you are probably expecting a response. Sometimes that response comes, and sometimes all you hear are the sounds of crickets.

The next proper step that you think of is to follow up. You want the answers to the questions you have. Or maybe you need the answers because they are vital to a business transaction. Maybe it’s not a questioning thing, but maybe the follow-up is vital to your networking skills. You need to stay top of mind with your contacts to grow your business.

Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. We know these challenges all too well.

You’ve sent dozens of follow-ups for one or both of the reasons above; how do you know if they are working? You’ve gotten a few replies, but some of your follow-ups are still hanging out in the ether of the dark email universe.

Are you sending out follow-ups blindly? Or are you measuring the performance of your follow-ups? What are the metrics you need to keep tabs on so that your follow-ups get answered? Over the past year our users have sent millions of follow-ups out of Contactually and here are the top 7 metrics to measure for your follow-up performance.

What you start measuring for your follow-ups…

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[INTERVIEW] “Matchmaking” Or the Art of Networking

From a public school teacher in Chicago, to being named by Forbes as one of The Top 25 Networkers to Follow in 2015, Susan RoAne has an impressive resume that spans the gamut. But, what she’s best known for is being a keynote speaker with expertise in helping her audiences through connecting and and communicating in today’s complicated business world.

Her bestselling book How to Work a Room® was groundbreaking when it was published 25 years ago and has sold over a million copies since then. She is also the author of half a dozen other books on networking including What Do I Say Next? and Face To Face: How To Reclaim The Personal Touch in A Digital World. Susan’s been hailed as an expert in face-to-face communications and you can find her tips and suggestions all over the media and web, but we were lucky enough to snag her for some personalized tips from her on all things networking and building relationships.

Biggest takeaway? Don’t discredit the art of in-person networking, and certainly don’t skimp out on being as personalized and conversational as you can be when you reach out to new connections or follow-up with your current network. Read on to glean the expertise from the Mingling Mastermind herself

Contactually Influencer Interview with Susan RoAne…

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Converting Hot Leads: An Email Campaign for Real Estate Agents

You’ve got several clients on the verge of making a big purchase, their new home, but you’re worried they need that extra push or help along the way. Most real estate agents or those in sales will know the value of a good drip campaign or nurturing their clients through the sales process.

Your end game is for your clients to convert and buy that house or to use your services to sell their home, but you also want to provide value throughout that entire process. This allows you to build up some much needed trust between you and your clients and it certainly makes you memorable, the best way to gain those crucial referrals down the road.

Some of the most important things consumers and clients are looking for when it comes to trust are expertise, awareness, and relevance. All three of these are items you can provide your clients by getting your hot leads on a nurture campaign that will convert them to loyal clients.

Start sending this drip campaign for Realtors and agents:

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Real Estate Smarts: 51 Resources to Pass Along to Clients

You have the opportunity to educate your potential clients so that they can make an informed decision in the process of warming them up, and yes that even includes educating them to understand whether you’re the right solution for their need.

In the case of real estate, there’s a good chance that you, as an agent, have missed out on key opportunities to educate your clients around what they needed to do or prepare in order to buy their first home or were unsure of what the home-buying process looks like. You have the best opportunity to add value into their experience with you and this is one of the easiest ways.

We know you’re an expert in this field, but having a list of resources to add as supplements to your knowledge to pass along to your clients will go a long way.

Library of Real Estate Agent Resources:

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How to Make Yourself Unforgettable to Your Network

How many people a day do you come into contact with? A week? A year? It’s safe to say that the number’s pretty big, and the same goes for all those people who in turn come into contact with you. You might just be a blip on their radar of all the people they meet, while you can’t forget them.

We’re looking into what makes those folks so memorable, and how you can make yourself an unforgettable person in your own network. The theory behind our dive into becoming unforgettable is inspired by Chip and Dan Heath’s Made to Stick, Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. While the Heath brothers study what makes ideas and marketing pushes ‘sticky,’ we find that the same principles apply for what makes a person memorable and dare we say…unforgettable?

How to be memorable:

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5 Invoice Marketing Opportunities You’re Missing Out On

As a small business owner, investing days or weeks into crafting a marketing strategy is out of the picture. 

What you really want to focus on is your product or service, the thing you’re really passionate about. You’re still getting a sense of who your target audience is and can’t afford to spend money on channels that might not get you any new clients.

Why not turn work you’ll already be doing into your most effective marketing tool?


The trick is to look where most people don’t: your invoicing. 60% of marketers already consider personalizing the customer’s experience to be their top marketing objective and it’s projected that by 2020 customer experience will beat out both price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Invoicing remains one of the easiest and most powerful ways to do that. It is sometimes looked as a simple task that needs to get done efficiently, but using it as something other than a black and white copy listing services owed can be more effective to your business. 

How to send an invoice to drive customer engagement

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