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Use Customer Testimonials to Drive Sales

We both know you’re great. Whatever you’re selling is great. You believe in the product and the value it adds to the lives of other people. Your marketing is on point. Your network is growing. And now you just sell to the right people. Right?

Not quite.

In an age where people are used to marketing at every turn, they’re not easily convinced they need you or your service. People are smarter about the way ads work and how companies use ads to sway you. They’re harder to fool and they don’t trust advertisers nearly as much as they used to. Unless you’re Apple, you’re brand probably doesn’t inspire blind loyalty.

But how do you reach people turned off by traditional advertising? How do you convince them that you have what they need?

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One Page Best Practices for Following Up [Cheat Sheet]

I’m always interested in how digital practices have shaped human interactions. With instant communications sent through text message to debates happening in 140-character debates, I’m fascinated comparing how we no longer have any barriers that we once had in the past.

Although the barriers have been torn down and digital conversations increase, individuals are wondering how to implement best practices in order to stay ahead in the game. Where do you best engage with someone? What channels can you use to communicate? Or how do you best follow up with your network?

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The Top 3 Places To Engage With Your Audience (Backed by Data)

There are virtually no barriers for communication now as people can communicate with each other through many different channels like, email, social media, blog posts, text messages, etc. We have access to all of those forms at our fingertips making forms, other than talking in person, instant and real-time.

So how do you best engage with your audience without facing a sense of overwhelm because there are so many channels to interact with them on? Where are the top places to engage with your audience?

It will depend on your audience and the behaviors of those individual users that determine the specific communication channels; however, there are staples that almost every audience can be found on. Are you in those places?

Top 3 Places to Engage with your Audience (Backed by Data)

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20 Amazing Statistics That Realtors Need for 2015

People have even more access to digital channels than ever before and every industry is facing the effects of that. In the case of this blog post, real estate, is definitely showing signs of a major shift from traditional channels onto digital ones.

Working with buyers and sellers every day, it’s increasingly important to be omnipresent, especially since your clients are relying on your expertise on every digital channel. Over a year ago we came up with a list of 15 stats that every realtor must know, but we wanted to revamp that list to bring it into 2015 (Stats courtesy of, National Association of Realtors (Slideshow, and Whitepaper), Properties Online, Brian Buffini’s Real Estate Report) and give you 5 more important pieces of data. As a bonus, each one of these stats is also tweetable!

Amazing Stats That Realtors Need for 2015

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Everything You Need to Know About Syncing Your iPhone Contacts in 3 steps

Do you know how your phone stores contacts? Maybe you should.

You may not know it, but right now your iPhone contacts are being synced with something. It might be iCloud. It might be your work email’s server. Either way, you won’t really know until you check your settings. But is that sync two-way? In other words, if you make a change on the other end, will that change sync back to your iPhone’s address book?

By default, it probably won’t. Fortunately, you can fix it by doing three simple things.

  • Import Google Contacts.
  • Set Google Contacts as your default.
  • Move your phone’s contacts over.

It’s fast, easy, and when you’re done, you’ll have an always-up-to-date contact system across all your devices.

Editor’s Warning

The procedure Brandt is about to walk you through here isn’t that complicated, but it does involves your contacts, and it hasn’t been formally tested by Contactually. So make sure you know what you’re doing before you mess with your contacts (or try it on a series of test accounts, first) especially if you have a system that is working for you already. Let us know how it works for you in the Contactually Forums.

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10 Books To Better Develop Your Sales Relationships in 2015

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others; read a lot and write a lot.” – Stephen King

This quote from King can be applied to just about everything, but always keeping the reading part in there. Reading is one of the vital components in understanding a subject, task, or something. The reading may vary in amounts, but becoming good a something and having the ability to learn it through completely — reading (a lot) is always present.

10 Things That Happen to Our Minds When We Read

Also, when you are reading your brain can’t tell the difference if you are reading about the experience versus actually experiencing it. This only helps make reading one of the most powerful tools for learning.

Since it’s still the beginning of 2015 and you’re hopefully keeping your resolutions (We won’t tell, if you haven’t been back to that spinning class in a few weeks), you should add on another resolution to read more. Specifically, books to better develop your sales relationships.

Here are the 10 books we think will better develop your business, sales, and your overall relationships in 2015

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Better with Bulk : Check out Contactually’s New Batch Action Controls

Improvements to bulk contact management

Over the last couple of months, you’ve seen us tackle a big ol’ pile of technical debt. Contactually’s speed, reliability, and other characteristics that often get lumped under “performance” have been top priorities for us for some time now. That meant slowing down new feature development, hiring a bunch of great engineers, and even blowing up a few important things that required us to start from scratch.

This stuff is really important, and in case we ever forget, our customers are definitely there to remind us (thanks, guys!). But now that we’re starting to turn the corner on some of these issues, it’s equally important that we continue to push forward towards making Contactually as useful and easy to use as possible. Sometimes, this will come in the form of a big new feature — but often, you’ll see it more in tweaks to how you interact with the people and information inside of the system.

Designing and building a better Contactually (and not just a prettier one) is something we’ve been thinking about for a while, and we recently launched some changes to the Contacts screen that are a good example of this. Let’s take a look at them. read more…

Why You Need a Personal Brand

You may not need a personal brand. you’re not interested in growing your client base, increasing your sales, or chasing career growth, then you might not need a personal brand. If you are, however, one of the many people interested in doing or being more, a personal brand is integral to achieving your professional goals.

Humor me if you will, and use your imagination for a moment.

Jason works for Acme Corporation. He sells widgets. He wants to land a huge deal with the latest and greatest startup in Silicon Valley, Startup Inc. He wants to convince them they need to enter an exclusive deal with Acme for all of their widget needs. Startup Inc. will win because — Jason knows — Acme makes the best widgets around. Acme will win because they’ll increase their brand reach and relevance. Jason knows this is a great opportunity for both companies, he just has to get his foot in the door with Startup Inc.’s VP of Product Development, Nancy.

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