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Decoding The Conversion Code for Real Estate Agents

The sales funnel, the sales pipeline and whatever else the kids may be calling it these days, we all know there’s a process to getting a client to actually becoming a client. But have you mastered it that process? Turns out there’s a bit more to it than placing an ad and letting your phone ring off the hook with all those prospective leads.

Our friend Chris Smith has mastered this process and turned it into a bestselling book to boot. Chris Smith is one of the founders of Curaytor – a marketing and sales coaching company – and has also worked with several very successful startups and business people. He knows what he’s talking about here and The Conversion Code is proof of that.

That’s why we’re breaking down his processes for real estate professionals looking to perfect their sales process and improve the experience of each and every lead that comes into their system. From their first glimpse at your website, to their final decision as they choose YOU as their real estate agent, we’ll walk you through using the Conversion Code for yourself.

The Conversion Code for Real Estate Professionals…

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The Real Estate Recruiting Questions Checklist

Interviews are intimidating no matter how many you’ve gone through or how confident you are, but they all have the same end goal. The goal of interviews with prospective agents, specifically, is to understand their qualifications, personality, and general way of doing things in relation to your firm. In order to accomplish this, you often need to ask a comprehensive list of questions that will cover the basics – and then some!

There is such a wide range of things to ask that we encourage brokers to be creative and ask unique questions that will get agents talking about who they are and what they’re passionate about. While there’s nothing wrong with the routine questions, (for example, “Why did you become a real estate agent?”) these sometimes generate rehearsed responses, which are of little value. Rehearsed responses make it challenging to determine if an agent’s a good fit!

Previously, we created the The Brokerage Recruiting Playbook, in which we spoke with over 150 brokerages to learn their most effective recruiting practices. Now we’re expanding upon the chapter called “How to sign the agents you want” with The Real Estate Recruiting Questions Checklist; a list of questions and tips on what to ask prospective agents. The checklist covers categories such as agents’ relationships with their clients, time management, lead generation, and management of difficult scenarios – all crucial factors in determining if an agent’s a worthwhile addition to your brokerage.

Ready to start conducting the most productive recruiting interviews? Read on to get the best questions and tips!

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How to Become Top of Mind to Your Ideal Clients, with Sean Carpenter

What does it take to become the top of mind person in your niche – you know, the person people in the community think of when they think of that business or niche? My guest on this episode, Sean Carpenter has proven what it takes to become top of mind. He says it’s relationships and that in his business (real estate), houses are the widgets used to foster beneficial relationships.

He’s never focused on selling a house or listing a property – he’s focused on helping the people who live in the houses or helping the people who need to sell the house. It’s served him incredibly well.

Be sure you listen to get a taste of why Sean is an outstanding mentor in his part of the country when it comes to real estate success.

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6 Email Mistakes to Avoid in Cold Emails

Maybe you heard someone speak at a conference recently and you think you may have a great business opportunity with that person, or maybe you just want to try your luck and reach out to potential prospects or leads with a cold email. Whatever the case, there will come a time when you have to cold email a person and do your best to impress them in that one email or risk losing them altogether. 

At times like this, etiquette plays a big role. Not only is it a visual turn off when the etiquette is poor but can also convey a lack of professionalism and manners on your part – definitely not a good first impression.

So, here are some email mistakes you should be wary of when sending out cold emails (or even otherwise) to your network of contacts.

Avoid these 6 cold email mistakes:

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Content is the Key: Content Distribution and You

To some, content may be king but to marketers, content is simply a way of life. It has the ability to set you apart from other companies, mark you as an industry expert, and create new business opportunities. With approximately 88% of marketers incorporating content marketing in their overall strategy, it’s evident that content is taking over, and can no longer be ignored – which is why we’ve created a new blog series around it! From how-to’s to infographics, we’re expanding upon what content is, all that it does, and how it can help your business grow. Ready to become a content expert?


Check out Content 101 and then read below to see the first post in our series, Content is the Key:

Why is Content Distribution Important Anyway?

Although content itself is incredibly important, it’s only about half the battle. You can create content of the highest quality, but if it isn’t properly distributed, it’s nearly useless.

The truth is that your targeted audience isn’t likely to just stumble upon your content and become a loyal follower and, unless it’s on the first page of your Google search results, they probably will never hear about you. In fact, less than 10% of people go past the first page, which means that you can’t rely on search engines to drive your traffic. And although there are plenty of other distribution methods, each moment, there are approximately….

  • 1400 new blog posts
  • 216,000 new Instagram posts,
  • 72 hours of new video on Youtube
  • 277,000 new Tweets

… which means that if you do not have a strategy to actively try to put your content in the right hands, it will almost never get there. As a result, you need to take the initiative and master various methods of distribution to ensure that you are attracting your target audience and utilizing the most popular platforms.

Read on the learn more about the best content distribution methods and recommended tools!

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How Adding Relational Value Can Build Your Business, with Derek Coburn

When you can add relational value to the people in your circle you discover doors open for you like never before. Derek Coburn is one of the people I’ve noticed adding true relational value to the lives of his clients and others he meets. He’s become so convinced that is the best way to build a personal and business network that he’s begun his own organization to host events that bring people together and add value to their lives.

You can hear Derek’s philosophy of how networking was not working, what he did to change the model, and the incredible results he’s had as a result – it’s all on this episode of Real Relationships.

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Contactually has partnered with dotloop to streamline the transition from lead to close

The power of Contactually is that it helps you build personal, authentic relationships with those that matter most to you and your real estate business. But what happens when you’re closing a home or big deal?

You’ve nurtured your clients to help find their dream homes. Then comes arguably the most stressful time for both clients and agents — the transaction.

We’ve partnered with DotLoop to ensure that the transition from lead to close is seamless for everyone involved. Watch the video! read more…

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