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Make More Profit by Giving More, with Bob Burg

All of us want to make more profit in our business. It’s at least a part of why we are in business. But the question arises, “What is the best way to make a profit?” Bob Burg says that the best way to make more profit is to give – to always ask how you can add more value to that person.

In this conversation, Bob shares the concepts from his book, “The Go Giver” with me to clarify why the laws of giving are the best way to provide value to others and consequently, make maximum profit for yourself. It’s a great and insightful conversation, so be sure you take the time to listen.

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The Complete Guide to Promoting Your Small Business with Texting

Staying current has never been more important for small businesses than it is today. As millions of consumers turn to Amazon for ease of ordering and delivery of such a wide variety of products, the worst thing a small business can do is be complacent.

Most entrepreneurs would do almost anything to avoid being considered obsolete or out of date.

That’s among the reasons why it’s so crucial for small business owners to leverage all the tools they have available. Sure, that includes email and social media and whatever other kinds of marketing is pertinent to a given industry. But if a marketing plan doesn’t include text messaging these days, it’s definitely missing a golden opportunity to not only stay current, but to stay in touch.

Text message marketing continues to flourish as one of the most cost-effective and result-driven methods to keep customers happy in almost any business. Here is what you need to know about using texting for business.

3 Steps for Texting for business:

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Top 6 Tips to Get Your Small Business Noticed on Twitter

With approximately 328 million active Twitter users, it’s safe to say that the popular social media platform is flooded by the thoughts and opinions of public figures, news channels, industry leaders, and more. In the entire Twittersphere, there are over 500 million tweets published DAILY, so it’s easy to be overlooked, no matter how cutting-edge or important your tweet may be.



This especially applies to small businesses who are using Twitter as a way to get noticed by industry leaders, influencers, and investors. Small businesses, even though they have some of the best content, ideas, and products to offer, are oftentimes neglected. This is partially due to the fact that they do not have the manpower, funds, or knowledge on how to best run their Twitter account to achieve the maximum benefits. So, small businesses, we’re here to help you out by providing you with the top 6 tips to help you get recognized on Twitter!

Twitter for small business audiences:

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7 Steps to Make, Use & Perfect Automated Email Workflows

Compiling a solid email list is a time consuming, but incredibly valuable undertaking. And, once you’ve created the perfect email content to help convert that list into customers, the only thing left to do is build an added level of efficiency into the process with a streamlined automated email marketing workflow.

As a busy real estate agent, you may not have the time to personally follow up with every inquiry you receive and stay in touch with clients who have contacted you in the past. But, a structured email marketing workflow would take much of this burden out of your hands altogether.

7 Steps to set up your email workflows:

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What to Do When Your Sales Leads Say ‘Not Now’

Sales is a tedious game of converting leads into paying customers, but, as you know, not all leads end up that way. Data shows that 80% of sales are made after the fifth call, but only 8% of salespeople keep up with leads until then. Regardless of persistent follow-ups,  some cold leads never heat up and some leads convert to customers instantly. However, there are times when a lead is developing well, seems interested, and just when you’re about to close the deal they say, “Not now.”


This can be debilitating to hear; almost as much as when in high school you told your crush how you really felt about them and they replied “I like you as my friend!” As a professional you are now confused on what the best next steps are. Do you press them to make a decision? Do you persuade them into closing the deal? Do you ghost them… and never contact them again?

First off, there still is hope, so don’t panic and leave them out to dry. Find out what the reasoning is behind their decision to hold off from the sale right now. A common sales qualification term is BANT, which stands for Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeframe. While BANT is not a perfect explanation for every industry, it is applicable and helpful in finding out what exactly is stopping the deal from closing at the moment. All the categories of BANT are broad, so most reasonings will be covered by at least one. If you identify that, you can adjust your approach and plan accordingly.

4 Tips for when your sales leads say ‘not now’…

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The Power of Relationships for More Business and Referrals, with Nikki Beauchamp

power of relationshipsIf you’ve listened to Real Relationships for any length of time you know that the premise for the podcast and the business behind it is that relationships matter. It’s not just that they matter for increased business and profit, it’s that they matter for the long-haul to increase your quality of life.

This episode features Nikki Beauchamp, a dynamic luxury real estate agent in New York City who has built her business on the referrals that flow out of the relationships she’s established. She’s a strong advocate for the power of relationships in building a business long-term. She and I chat about how she learned to build such cooperative relationships with her clients and what it means to make clients truly happy. You’ll enjoy hearing her perspective, on this episode.

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Contactually’s Brand New Android Application

Remember when Apple came out with the original iMac in ’98? Desktop computers were all the rage with their rounded edges and brightly colored backs. A laptop? Too heavy to carry around! A smartphone? Not even a word in most people’s vocabulary.

Now we can’t imagine a life without our phones in our pockets and available at all times.

We’ve recognized not only how important mobile is in your daily lives, but also to the core of your business. We’re introducing a completely redesigned Android application, rebuilt from the ground up to ensure that the powerful experience you’ve become used to with Contactually can extend well beyond your computer – right to your pocket.

Stability and performance on par with the best

Today’s fast-paced world has no time for technical downfalls or setbacks. When you’re counting on your apps to maintain and track every detail of your business, you can’t afford to lose precious minutes due to system downtime. To ensure stability and performance, we’ve utilized React Native, the same technology employed by the likes of Instagram and Facebook to support their tens of millions of users. Not only does React Native maintain the stability and performance you’ve come to expect with Contactually, but it will also allow us to grow and support our customers at faster rates going forward.

Easily interact in ways that come naturally

The most heated debate in the mobile world is between iOS and Android, but there really isn’t a clear winner. The key takeaway is that they’re both unique in their own way. Contactually’s Android 3.0 is built for true Android users, allowing them to interact in ways they’ve become accustomed to. Easily swipe through daily tasks and follow-ups in order to accomplish your goals for the day and impact your network while on the go.

Never manually log calls or texts again

As if it couldn’t get any better … We’re dialing into the true power of Android’s open source platform and eliminating all admin work from your end. We’ll automatically sync your phone contacts and track all your texts, calls, and emails. Effortlessly build your database and make follow-ups, knowing Contactually’s working as your virtual assistant on the backend. All your relationship-building efforts will seamlessly log in Contactually, creating a centralized hub of business productivity.

Engage with recipients in the moment

Recently you were introduced to email open notifications, a  powerful feature which notifies you as soon as your email was opened. Now with the new Android app, extend that to your mobile phone. Sent a Follow Up from your Dashboard? Get prompted on your Android mobile device as soon as it’s opened, and make a call to discuss the details with your contact.

We’re making heavy investments in building a better Contactually suite for you and your business. If you want to be ahead of the curve and provide the feedback that’s helping shape our product, email


Check out our new Android 3.0 in the Google Play Store.

Content is the Key: 5 Steps to Diversify Your Content Creation

To some, content may be king but to marketers, content is simply a way of life. It has the ability to set you apart from other companies, mark you as an industry expert, and create new business opportunities. With approximately 88% of marketers incorporating content marketing in their overall strategy, it’s evident that content is taking over, and can no longer be ignored – which is why we’ve created a new blog series around it!  From how-to’s to infographics, we’re expanding upon what content is, all that it does, and how it can help your business grow. Ready to become a content expert?

Check out our first post in the series, Content Distribution and You, if you haven’t already and then dive into our second Content is the Key post!

5 Tips to Diversify Your Content Creation

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