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How to Improve Your Client Relationships by Becoming a Likeable Expert, with Michael Katz

My guest on this episode of Real Relationships is Michael Katz, the likeable expert. Join Michael and I as we discuss how to form real relationships by becoming a likeable expert in your field. Michael is a likeable expert on marketing and has written four books on the subject. He gives out some great ideas on how to gain clients by not just being an expert in your field but being a likeable expert. If you are interested in learning more about how to gain more clients by building and maintaining real relationships and becoming more likeable to clients listen to this discussion to hear how.


How to become a #LikeableExpert with @MichaelJKatz on this episode of Real Relationships #relationshipmarketing Click To Tweet

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Setting Yourself Up for 2018

This episode of Real Relationships is formatted a bit differently than my previous ones. Rather than having a guest come on I’ve decided to help you set yourself up for success in the new year.  Since this is the last podcast of the year I’ve decided to discuss goals for the coming year and how to actually meet those goals. Listen in to this episode to get a few fantastic tips to help you make the most of 2018.

Setting Yourself Up for 2018 on this episode of Real #Relationships Click To Tweet

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An Introvert’s Guide to Networking

Are you interested in discovering secrets to building a successful network in your business? It can be a real challenge for introverts to network, but finding the right people to work with is a key to success. Listen to my interview with Jay Papasan to find out how this introvert has built a network of hundreds and how his network helps his business thrive. One amazing piece of advice that Jay gives is that if you aren’t looking for people that are talented, then you become a prisoner to your business. Listen to this conversation to hear how Jay built and maintains a network of hundreds of people and what this means for his business.


Listen to this episode of Real Relationships to hear an introvert’s guide to #networking Click To Tweet

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Creating Joy Through Working Relationships, with Shaa Wasmund

Relationships are arguably the most important aspect of any business but they are sadly misused. Even if a relationship is effective and profitable, you may be doing it wrong and thus hurting your future success. On today’s episode of Real Relationships I welcome Shaa Wasmund, she is a successful businesswoman and a master of relationships. We will dive deep into why going about your working relationships wrongly can be detrimental and how you can make sure you are getting the most out of them.

Creating #Joy Through #Working #Relationships with Shaa Wasmund Click To Tweet

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The Power Of Authentic Relationships In Business, With Patrick Ewers

Patrick Ewers of specializes in relationships and the power they can have in your business. In this episode of Real Relationships, I dive deep with Patrick into the power of relationships in your business and life. Patrick explains how approaching someone with authenticity can open the doors to a relationship that lasts and benefits both members. If you are struggling to grow your network and or simply want advice on how to effectively benefit those in your circle, make sure you listen to this episode with Patrick Ewers.

The Power of #authentic #Relationships in #business with Patrick Ewers Click To Tweet

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How to Be Memorable, Be Who You Are, and Rock Your Business, with Peter Lorimer

One of the most difficult things about building a successful business in a niche like California’s real estate market, is how to be memorable. But my guest today has figured that one out simply by being himself. Peter Lorimer is a former music producer turned real estate professional whose company is niched into the high dollar Hollywood real estate world. He’s learned to use his unique personality and bent toward entertainment to make himself and his company memorable. In this conversation, we discuss how Peter got into real estate, how he fosters incredible relationships, his use of video and ad targeting to reach his ideal clients, and why he thinks email alone is never enough. This is a great conversation you won’t want to miss.

How 2 B #Memorable, B Who U R, & Rock UR Business, w @PeterLorimer @PLGEstates #RealRelationships Click To Tweet

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Building and Benefitting from Meaningful Connections in Business, with Rob Mehta

One of the people I’ve seen demonstrate the ability to make and keep meaningful connections with people over time is Rob Mehta. Whether it’s helping brokers grow their business, building strategic alliances, or simply focusing on the next new idea, Rob is a guy who knows how to do what it takes to get things done when it comes to building a powerful relational network. In this conversation, we talk about Rob’s approach to building long-term relationships, how he does it from a practical standpoint, and how he integrates technology into the process.

Building and Benefitting from Meaningful #Connections in Business, w @robmehta #RealRelationships Click To Tweet

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Connectional Intelligence: What It Is and Why It’s Important, with Erica Dhawan

Are you familiar with the term, Connectional Intelligence? It’s the ability to create and drive greater value by effectively harnessing your networks and relationships. Erica Dhawan says it’s the next, greatest trait or skill that leaders will use to bring change to their workplaces and the world. She believes our greatest tools and resources are in the places we least expect them to be, and our connections and networks are what put us in touch with those resources and makes us aware of them. I’ve invited Erica Dhawan on this episode of Real Relationships to hear what her research has revealed about the power of connectional intelligence, so I hope you listen.

#Connectional #Intelligence: What It Is and Why It’s Important, w Erica Dhawan @EDhawan #RealRelationships Click To Tweet

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